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Jeremy Hopkins

About me

I was born in Bangkok to a Vietnamese mother and a father from New Zealand, but I hold Australian citizenship. Though I have lived in many different countries, I decided to settle in Spain to pursue a career that I consider one of my passions: investment banking. Currently, I work as an investment banking analyst for Citibank, hoping to expand my knowledge and skill set in the coming years.

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"I chose IE University due to a variety of factors, with the main one being the financial practicality of the Master in Finance."

Jeremy Hopkins

An international quest fulfilling a passion for investment banking

Jeremy Hopkins has always been a worldly, well-traveled individual. Although he was born in Bangkok, Thailand, he currently holds Australian citizenship. Over the course of his life, he has lived in several different countries including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and now Spain.

Open-minded, analytical, curious and hard-working, Jeremy has always been passionate about investment banking, earning his undergraduate degree in commerce, economics and finance. He also has a keen interest in markets—equity research, in particular.

But Jeremy does have passions outside of finance: he dedicates a significant amount of time to his physical practice, which includes disciplines like the Ido Portal method, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and gymnastics strength-based training. A well-rounded individual, Jeremy also plays a few musical instruments and loves to read.

He chose to study at IE University due to a variety of factors, with the main one being the financial practicality of the Master in Finance. Jeremy was excited to learn that the professors teaching in the program have worked within the finance industry for almost their entire careers, with some continuing to do so while teaching. In his opinion, the knowledge they dispersed was unlike anything students would have been exposed to in a more traditional degree. Another key factor influencing his decision was the program’s world-class rankings, marking it as one of the best globally.

Right after graduating, Jeremy was able to land a competitive position at Citibank. He credits IE University for this, largely in part due to its invaluable contribution towards honing his financial skill set. Jeremy now works as an investment banking analyst based in Malaga, Spain where his main responsibilities include IPOs and M&As, working on pitches and assisting with client calls and presentations.

For Jeremy, IE University helped him reach his dream of becoming an investment banker and secure his dream job on several fronts to reach this goal. Firstly, by equipping him with an extremely strong financial base—both practical and theoretical. Secondly, the university’s global acclaim and influence opened significant doors for Jeremy, putting him at the top of the list for potential employers.

Finally, he acknowledges that IE Talent & Careers not only increased his networking opportunities but also prepared him for the entire job application process. The team accomplished this by giving Jeremy the right resources to study for the psychometric testing, phone interviews and assessment centers.

His advice to those wanting to pursue the Master in Finance is simple: “Commit one hundred percent.” Jeremy explains that students will learn exponentially, whether they are starting from scratch, with no knowledge about the financial world, or coming with lots of experience from a full-time position at a bank or other similar institution.

Jeremy is thankful for all the opportunities he got while studying at IE University—meeting a truly diverse group of individuals and studying at a world-class university, all while experiencing the vibrant city of Madrid. When describing the unique IE Experience, Jeremy notes that it was “one of the best investments” he has ever made.