“The classes were fast-paced and challenging with an interesting blend of professors who kept us motivated both during classes and in our offline work.”

João Pedro, Portugal

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João Pedro Delgado

About me

I was born and bred in Lisbon, and have a natural passion for sports. I see myself as a straightforward person with a sense of justice, driven by the idea of meeting goals and achieving results. Apart from football, I am passionate about my family and my hobbies, particularly aquatic sports.

João Pedro Delgado, Portugal


Master’s student

Program studied

Master in Finance

Thriving in the fast-paced world of finance

Before joining the Finance Program, João was working as the business unit leader for the local subsidiary of a large international organization. Although he had some finance training alongside his professional experience, he did not hold a formal finance certificate or accreditation.

For that reason and more, João decided to join IE University’s Finance Program. Realizing he had both the time to study and a drive for lifelong learning, he chose to push himself by pursuing new areas of learning. He feels that, in that moment, the stars were aligned and the time was just right to join the program.

Once João joined IE University, he could not have guessed what was awaiting him. From day one, the classes were fast-paced and challenging, while the interesting blend of faculty profiles offered wide exposure to a variety of experiences and expertise. These engaging professors kept the class motivated and encouraged them to participate, not only during classes but also offline with individual study.

“The Finance Program was very demanding, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been able to greatly benefit from the program. The quality of the program and people was second to none, and I still look back and feel proud of my achievements with IE University.”

Speaking candidly, João found the workload intensive. It required a great deal of perseverance and commitment to keep up with the pace of the classes, individual and group assignments, as well as the examinations. He devoted nearly all of his free time to the program, which made weekends pass by very quickly.

As the only participant who was not a finance professional, João was pleased to finish the program among the top-ranked students in his intake. IE University admission criteria are demanding and he knew beforehand that his peers would be bright, motivated, ambitious and interesting. Although João believes that some financial knowledge and experience would have been helpful, he is proof that being able to stay motivated and work hard throughout the program is more important.

Thanks to his motivation and drive to succeed, João now feels much better prepared to address the financial aspects of his professional life. Moreover, his general appreciation and understanding of complex financial aspects have permitted him to become a more conscious asset investor. Besides acquiring new tools and knowledge, João was also able to spend time in Madrid, London and Ghana with his peers and professors—an experience he will never forget. Looking to the future, João would like to give back and contribute to the advancement of others.