“The program helped me further expand my network to include new colleagues, who are now friends, from locations that I’ve never been to before. Our class was represented by people from almost every continent in the world.”

José, Argentina

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José Bordogna

About me

I was born in Argentina with a multicultural background thanks to my family tree, which is a mixture of heritage from Italy, France and Spain. Over the years, I’ve worked a variety of roles within different global organizations—always in finance related jobs—from an investment banker in a development bank to my current role as the CFO of a dual listed mining company. I’ve covered a wide range of sectors within the Americas, but was based in Buenos Aires for a majority of my career. I have also traveled around the world, including a long stay in Australia for two years. My wife Julieta and I have a lovely daughter named Agustina. I love playing outdoor sports, such as football and tennis, and vacationing with my family in the Argentine Patagonia—a magical place full of energy.

José Bordogna, Argentina


CFO of a dual listed mining company

Program studied

Global Executive MBA

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Describe your experience in the Global Executive MBA using one word.


Can you tell us the most valuable piece of advice you received in the program?

I absorbed many valuable concepts from the wide range of topics covered in the program, from business to life, and would highlight two main pieces of advice. First, the importance of coherence when designing and implementing a business strategy. This includes focusing on the idea that many business cases confirm that the quality of human capital results in the key success factor. Second, the idea that courtesy is contagious.

What skills from the program will you bring to your current role as CFO?

A lot of them. My newly learned skills range from strategy and general management to building resilience. The program is truly updated to the trends and has a solid structure which covers many aspects that a business professional would face anytime in their career regardless of their background. As a CFO, I would also like to highlight the high-quality accounting and economic analysis classes that went beyond the basics and brought real-life analysis cases to the classroom.

What are residential periods like? What is the online period like?

Due to the pandemic, the first two terms were almost entirely online and honestly, I was surprised by the energy and the quality of interaction and overall learning experience. Group assignments were key to getting to know my colleagues. What’s more, the academic coordinators did a great job. My first residential period was quite adventurous given all the COVID-19 obstacles and travel restrictions. However, in the end, it was a great experience to get to meet my virtual friends in person.

Your career has taken you all over the world. How did the program help you further expand your global skill set?

The program helped me further expand my network to include new colleagues, who are now friends, from locations that I’ve never been to before. Our class was represented by people from almost every continent in the world. The program, in particular the strategy courses, brought business cases from different regions, so I had the opportunity to expand my global knowledge through an academic standpoint as well.

Tell us something unexpected that you learned during the program.

That the IE Community spirit is strong. This showed true during my first face-to-face residential period. I was unable to return home given new COVID-19 restrictions, and I received a lot of support and help from the student services department and the COVID-19 specialist team as soon as my academic coordinators became aware of my situation. I’m very thankful for the help I received, and it was clear from that moment that I belonged to an incredible community.

Why did you choose to study the Global Executive MBA?

Mainly because of the curriculum, the reputation of the school, and the flexibility that the program offers. The unique opportunity to have a mix of online and in-person classes while also exploring new cities and places was a big part of my decision.

What’s your favorite memory from the program?

It’s difficult to choose just one. I would highlight the positive energy within our class, our group discussions, the invaluable lessons, and my new friends. I specifically enjoyed the strategy simulation game we played during the term.

What was your main focus or goal when you started the program?

To keep up to date with new business theories and trends while also expanding my global network.

How has reality been different from your expectations when it comes to the program?

The pandemic was quite unexpected, but besides all these obstacles, our cohort’s willingness to overcome difficulties, have fun and learn were key to making this program a unique and remarkable life experience.