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Marie Mulot

About me

Marie Mulot is a French native but spent most of her childhood abroad in Argentina and Spain. The Global Executive MBA alum started out working in marketing but quickly made her mark in the world of retail. Now, she is currently responsible for Amazon’s fashion marketplace in Italy and Spain.

Marie spends most of her free time cooking as a way to spend quality time with family and friends, and also collaborates with Cruz Roja Española (the Spanish Red Cross) as a volunteer. Even after graduating with her Global Executive MBA, she still carries the words uttered by an 87-year-old Michelangelo with her every day: “I am still learning.”

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case2Head of Fashion Marketplace for Italy and Spain, Amazon
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"The Global Executive MBA was also a perfect match as it would allow me to collaborate with different cultures—an essential asset for today’s leaders."

Marie Mulot

Tell us a little about yourself.

I initially started my career in marketing and worked in different sectors but in 2012, I had the opportunity to do a complete turnaround. I joined Amazon as a vendor manager to develop my commercial skills and discover the e-commerce industry. Even though the learning curve was sharp, it was a great choice as I had the chance to participate in shaping new online businesses and work in different areas.

What does a typical day look like in your current role?

No two days are the same! My goal is to make Amazon a fashion destination for all customers, styles, sizes and budgets. This requires very different skills: strategic vision, analytical skills, innovation, operational excellence and project management. But the key factor for success is to have a strong team with diverse talents.

What’s the most challenging project you’ve ever worked on?

In 2018, I became the Spain Manager for Alexa Skills, the vocal app for Amazon’s voice service. My goal was to launch the Skills Store in a few months to coincide with Alexa’s launch in Spain. This was a really challenging project because it was more technical than my previous roles and I had to study up very quickly on the subject. We worked against the clock to deliver as many skills as possible for the launch to delight our customers. The night we announced the launch, I was proud of what we had achieved.

Why did you decide to pursue the Global Executive MBA at IE Business School?

I strongly believe in continuous learning and my career has provided many opportunities to expand my skill set. At this stage, I felt I needed to take a step back to gather different perspectives and build a more well-rounded leadership profile. The Global Executive MBA was the perfect opportunity to fill gaps in my skills, sharpen my business abilities with new leadership methods and broaden my international network. 

I chose IE Business School because of its excellent reputation and the high caliber of teachers and peers I would meet. The Global Executive MBA was also a perfect match as it would allow me to collaborate with different cultures—an essential asset for today’s leaders. The school’s strength in entrepreneurship and finance, which were two areas I wanted to learn the most about, guided my choice. Finally, its hybrid format was fundamental to my decision as it allowed me to combine my studies without compromising my job.

Can you tell us about your experiences during the residential weeks in London and Los Angeles?

In my opinion, the residential weeks were the best parts of the program, where we were able to spend time with our peers while discovering the local business of the country. We had a great mix of inspirational talks from companies or academics from UCLA and the Center for the Governance of Change, alongside company visits and in-person classes. The residential trips helped us bond as a class by spending quality time with the rest of the students. It also provided us with networking opportunities.

How did your international experience of the Global Executive MBA change your mindset or approach to business?

Our cohort was extremely diverse, with people coming from all around the world! I believe only a third of our class was European, so it was a unique opportunity to obtain insights from their cultural perspective and local trends, as well as hear about their own business experiences. In today’s globalized world, it is key to be open to other cultures in order to embrace an international workplace. 

The Global Executive MBA has provided me with a broader perspective of business. Of course, the experiences of my peers from different industries were also an enriching part of the experience.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying the Global Executive MBA?

I would definitely recommend joining this life-changing experience! It is important to reflect on what you want to get out of the experience to choose the best program for you. Also, make sure that you give yourself enough time and support to succeed.