“After you study the Master in Management, the way you see the world changes radically.”

Mauricio, Spain

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Mauricio Narváez

About me

Mauricio Narváez is currently a Country Manager at Alten, a leading engineering and technology consulting company. In addition to the Master in Management, he holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid—and also speaks three languages. With a keen interest in entrepreneurship, he dreams of advancing his career in management and one day giving back to the IE Community by becoming a professor himself.

Mauricio Narváez, Spain


Country Manager, Alter Solutions Spain

Program studied

Master in Management


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If you could describe your experience of the Master in Management in one word, what would you choose and why?

Expansion. Previously, I had a very narrow outlook. The people, teachers and environment in IE Business School helped me broaden my perspective and learn about a wide variety of topics for the first time.

Why did you choose IE Business School?

When I decided to study a management related master’s degree, I started searching for the best places to study and thought that IE Business School was the best option. After visiting on an open day, I was in no doubt that I wanted to study there.

What was your previous field of study, and why did you decide to pursue the Master in Management?

I studied computer engineering. During my Erasmus+ in the Czech Republic, I attended some courses in marketing and management. That was my first contact with these fields and it made me realize that this was what I wanted to do. It was a few months later that I read about IE Business School and their programs. After attending a masterclass, I was sure that the Master in Management would be the right program for me.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of studying the Master in Management?

You will learn a lot from many different fields—and from outstanding teachers. After you study the Master in Management, the way you see the world changes radically. 

What is something at IE Business School that you loved being a part of?

I really enjoyed being part of the IE Admissions Ambassadors Team, as I could meet a lot of people and help others thinking about joining IE Business School. I enjoyed the fact that the teachers told us about their experiences, and I found the stories of influential company directors very helpful in my professional development. 

What have been the greatest challenges you faced during your time in the Master in Management, and how did you overcome them?

In the beginning, I found collaborating in teams with people from very different backgrounds a bit difficult. Eventually, I learned to actively listen to my colleagues and learn from their skills and experiences.

How did you find your first role after graduation?

Five months prior to finishing the Master in Management, I was contacted by the recruiting team of the company I ended up working for. A month later, I signed a pre-contract with them to start as soon as I finished the program. 

How did your experience during the Master in Management help you with this first job?

I apply the skills I acquired during the program daily in my job. Accountancy, negotiation and finance are just a few of them. The Master in Management has given me a multidisciplinary profile, which makes me more competitive. 

What would you like to say to potential candidates who might look up to you?

If you have the opportunity to study at IE Business School, take it. Once there, join as many clubs, meetings and conferences as you can. You will find interesting things that you weren’t expecting everywhere, and you will grow a lot. IE Business School is an experience; live it to the fullest. 

What are your career goals? How has the Master in Management program prepared you for your future endeavors?

If I hadn’t studied the Master in Management, I would probably be developing software today, like every other computer engineer. Knowing now that I really enjoy management, my goal is to one day be a board member of a multinational company and help to develop company growth strategies. I would also love to be a teacher at IE Business School and give back to the community. 

The Master in Management boosted my career and gave me the tools to reach my goal. It definitely formed the basis of my professional development. Thanks to the program, I feel ready to compete in an ever-changing environment and face new challenges.