"IE’s particularly diverse and inclusive environment enabled me to explore my potential while bringing me closer to my authentic self."

Nathan, Switzerland

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Nathan Lopez

About me

I am a 32 years-old communication professional who lives and works in Switzerland. I work as a Media Adviser at the International Trade Center (United Nations), for internal communications and digital learning purposes. My professional background is visual communication. From designing visual identities and presentations to editing videos, I enjoy every aspect of visual and digital media design. After completing the MCMC-PT program, I am now exploring the combinations of two complementary fields and enjoy approaching communication from both a visual and a strategic approach.

Nathan Lopez, Switzerland


Media Adviser at the International Trade Center (United Nations), Geneva, Switzerland

Define your experience on the program in one word.


In what ways do you think this program has changed your life professionally and personally?

Professionally, the program enabled me to develop a wide range of new skills and, ultimately, change job to work for the United Nations, which I was dreaming about! At a personal level, I believe the MCMC program has been a unique human adventure in which I felt I could be myself at 100%. Indeed, IE’s particularly diverse and inclusive environment enabled me to explore my potential while bringing me closer to my authentic self.

What has been your favorite memory of your experience?

The first face-to-face was canceled due to Covid-19 so getting to meet my classmates after more than 6 months of online interactions is without any doubt my greatest memory. Made of hard work, laughs, and passionate discussions, the second face-to-face was characterized by a strong spirit of comradery and enabled us to build strong friendships that, I am sure, will last for long!

Why did you choose to study this program at IE?

I chose IE for the excellent reputation of its graduate programs, but also and more particularly for its values, spirit, and particularly diverse environment. Indeed, I wanted to study in an international environment where I could connect with professionals from various backgrounds, experiences, and nationalities. In addition to that, I was seduced by the blended study model as it enabled me to work alongside my studies and apply my knowledge to my day-to-day work. 

What were some of the main challenges that you encountered along the way? How did your master’s program and IE University help you through these challenges?

Studying at IE while working full-time has been very challenging at times. Contradictorily, I believe it’s been one of the most rewarding aspects of the studies as it taught me how to structure my ideas and work in a concise and straight-to-the-point way. 

Working as a group when interacting online and being in different countries has been particularly challenging as well. However, the support provided by professors and program management enabled us to build strong synergies among team members. Such a way of working ended up being an outstanding way to push our limits and learn from each others. 

What is networking like in the program?

I believe the MCMC-PT program offered plenty of opportunities to network. Given it is a part-time program, all students work besides their studies which makes it a unique opportunity to network with professionals from different countries and professional backgrounds. Consequently, and as most of the program is taking place online, I enjoyed every minute of the face-to-face to connect with my peers and professors. 

In addition to that, the program management gave us a wide range of opportunities to network with industry professionals both face-to-face and online. Overall, I feel that I am part of a family now and that I can be in touch with my peers and professors for any questions I may have or for any advice I may need throughout my professional path.