“IE Business School offers the options you need to specialize and take advantage of the courses that best match your interests.”

Rodrigo, Peru

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Rodrigo Lazarte

About me

Rodrigo Lazarte started out his professional career as an industrial engineer. His experience ranges from strategic development, creating, and leading and developing new projects to logistics and entrepreneurship. Rodrigo is from Peru and always knew he wanted to set up a business in the tourism industry. IE Business School served as the perfect segway for his career shift from engineer to hotel CEO and founder.

Rodrigo Lazarte, Peru


CEO of Tierra Viva Hotels

Program studied

International MBA

What did you enjoy most about your program at IE Business School?

I enjoyed the cultural diversity and teaching methods, specifically the use of case studies. Analyzing different case studies based on real companies is rewarding and not to mention entertaining. 

Also, studying at IE Business School lets you share a broad variety of experiences that are not just professional but also personal and cultural. I think that’s something special. 

How has your experience at IE Business School benefited you both personally and professionally?

It has been extremely beneficial in a lot of ways. The International MBA gave me the tools I needed to be able to create the company that is now Tierra Viva. IE Business School offers the options you need to specialize and take advantage of the courses that best match your interests, and the International MBA specifically is flexible and customizable. I was able to select my electives and fully personalize my experience.

What advice would you give to someone who is about to start your program? 

Listen carefully and use what you hear to learn. Go in with an open mind and accept other people’s ideas along the way. Take full advantage of the diversity that is IE Business School, and in doing so, you will be able to see and understand different viewpoints and perspectives that you may have not thought of previously.

Which aspect of the program did you find most challenging?

One thing I found very challenging, but yet enjoyable, were the entrepreneur courses. I loved being challenged in those classes, especially because I was able to put my learnings into practice within my own company. I also found that receiving professor feedback that was different than I thought it would be was an unexpected challenge. It was really good for my learning process, but difficult in the moment. 

How did the program expand your personal and professional network and open the doors to new opportunities?

Both my personal and professional networks grew immensely. Thanks to the various networking opportunities on offer at IE Business School, I have contacts and friends in more than 32 countries. I see each and every one of these contacts as an opportunity to continue my personal and professional growth. I also now have access to the IE Alumni community, further allowing me to meet people and stay connected to IE Business School’s events and happenings.

You founded the Peruvian hotel chain Tierra Viva Hotels shortly after completing the program. How has the International MBA fueled your business’ success?

It would have been very difficult if I hadn’t studied at IE Business School. When I decided to apply to this program, I already knew that I wanted to set up my own business in the tourism sector. The International MBA gave me the know-how I needed to run my business while simultaneously helping me fill in the gaps in my knowledge base. Thanks to this program, I was able to set my project in motion and make it a reality.

As an entrepreneur yourself, what advice would you give to individuals who are embarking on a similar path?

I would say that they shouldn’t hesitate to do it. It will be one of the best experiences of their life. They should go into it with an open mind and a willingness to struggle, learn and share experiences.

Your previous academic experience was predominantly focused in the engineering sector. What led you to pursue the International MBA at IE Business School?

I was specifically looking to develop a global knowledge of business sectors that weren’t my specialty while strengthening the areas where I did have experience. On top of that, I wanted the cultural experience of living in Europe. All things considered, IE Business School and its teaching methodology were ideal for me.