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Seamus Hill

About me

Seamus is currently acting as the Capital Markets Value Stream Lead at Truist, where he leads a team to deliver strategic initiatives for Corporate & Investment Banking Executive Leadership. His background includes roles as a Tech Strategy & Advisory and Management Consultant with Accenture in the US and Ireland, as well as holding a number of certifications and licenses in management, cloud technology, agile methodologies, analytics, and financial markets.

An active volunteer and public speaker, Seamus is a Division Director within Georgia’s Toastmasters District 44. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Finance from Auburn University and is a candidate within the IE Brown Executive MBA program (Cohort 14). Passionate about running, he enjoys spending time with his wife, two dogs, and they are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child in October.

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"The program has been fast-paced, but manageable and thought-provoking."

Seamus Hill

Tell us about your role at Truist.

As a capital markets value stream lead, I’m responsible for driving strategic change initiatives within capital markets for an investment bank. The role requires a thorough understanding of not just how to manage projects and solve problems, but also real-world business and what drives financial markets.

What led you to IE Business School?

I first found out about IE Business School online. Back then, I was right out of my undergraduate studies and living abroad. I started doing my research, trying to find a program that met all the criteria I was looking for at the time: a global perspective that emphasized sustainability, which was reflected in its curriculum; international exposure, both in travel opportunities and the diversity of our cohort; and a connection to a strong university in the US. These factors led me directly to the IE Brown Executive MBA.

Why did you choose to pursue the IE Brown Executive MBA?

I joined the program because I wanted to develop myself, both in leadership and in my understanding of business. Honestly, the IE Brown Executive MBA offers many things, but its focus on rethinking how a traditional MBA is structured through the lens of the humanities really sets it apart.

Now that you’re a few months in, what do you think about the program so far?

The program has been fast-paced, but manageable and thought-provoking. There have been countless connecting points to my industry that resonate with my experience, helping me apply the concepts being taught directly in my work.

What key skills have you gained from the program that you’re already applying in your current role?

So far, the program’s curriculum and my cohort—which spans industries and countries from around the globe—have challenged my thinking and given me the tools to better understand the business challenges we face in my own industry today.

Further, my core business classes have helped me understand more of what drives markets at a macro level. I especially enjoy my Managerial Economics course as it illustrates how these factors impact the business landscape, which is a key aspect of my work today in capital markets.

What were your first impressions of Madrid during the residential period?

I absolutely loved Madrid! The culture, food and sports scenes were top-notch; they were the perfect backdrop for our studies. It was great to spend two weeks in the city itself, as the global nature of the program really shined through in one of Europe's largest business hubs.

Share a key takeaway that you’ve gained from the IE Brown Executive MBA.

I’ve learned that leadership, in life as well as business, really is 360°; you need to understand where problems come from in order to solve them effectively. The IE Brown Executive MBA has proved this through a balanced curriculum that blends training in core business competencies such as accounting, economics and more, with humanities-based classes, like The Shared History of Slavery and Capitalism.

How will your degree from IE Business School help you stand out from other candidates?

IE Business School provides exactly what one would look for in a top MBA program: a sound understanding of the different levers and factors that drive business in today's world, delivered by incredibly impressive professors who come from the best institutions and organizations in the world.

What advice would you give someone about to start the IE Brown Executive MBA?

Choosing the IE Brown Executive MBA will be the best decision you’ll make in your adult life. Just jump in and be open to new ideas and ways of thinking!