"I enjoy my life at IE Business School and it is an extraordinary place for me to learn and to pursue my academic career."

Shike, China

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Shike Li

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With a background of decision science from London School of Economics and currently a discipline in organizational behavior at IE Business School-IE University, my research focuses on understanding the underpinnings of individual and interpersonal judgments and behaviors, especially in organizational contexts. The major stream of my research constitutes prosocial behaviors, emotions, and ethics. As a scholar, I seek to contribute to the field of management and organizational behavior by conducting meaningful and rigorous research that offers applications for practitioners. At IE Business School, I have also served as a student coordinator for multiple events including the 1st RUD (virtual) Doctoral Consortium, the 6th Annual IE (virtual) Doctoral Consortium, and the IE University Research Initiatives (virtual) on Policy & Management in the Digital Economy.

Shike Li, China


PhD student in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

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