The most important aspect of the MIM program is the mix of academic education and strong social relationships.

Soraya, Lebanon

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Soraya Nour

About me

I am from Beirut, Lebanon, where I pursued my undergraduate studies in economics. I decided to come to IE Business School and enroll in the Masters in Management program to broaden my knowledge about the corporate world. I have now spent almost a year in Madrid, and looking back I am proud of both the personal and educational achievements I have managed in such a short time.

The MIM experience has not only allowed me to discover a whole new world of business, but it has offered me the possibility to meet the most amazing people that I can now call family. The most important aspect of the MIM program is the mix of academic education and strong social relationships that allows you to grow a little bit more, every day. The best part is having these incredible experiences in one of the nicest European cities. Madrid is a hub of Spanish culture, and is known for its lively and friendly people. Whether it’s going for tapas, copas, fiestas or even siestas, everything about living in this city has its own charm!

Soraya Nour, Lebanon

Program studied

IE Master in Management

Define your experience in the Master in Management in one sentence.

It’s an incredible combination of dynamic education and good social relationships, resulting in  an enriching and memorable experience.

In what ways do you think the program has changed your life, professionally and personally?

The MIM enabled me to expand my professional horizons and begin new journeys that I never thought possible. I learned the value of friendship, and its importance in both personal and professional contexts. The program opened my eyes to the privileges and countless possibilities we have access to as IE Business School students, such as learning from the most successful business leaders, while also building a close network of classmates.

What is your favorite memory of the program?

My favorite memory is the opening ceremony in Segovia. Meeting people from so many different places in such a short period of time made me realize how lucky I was to be part of such an international program. It only took a few minutes before I knew this would be one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

What is networking like in the MIM?

Being an MIM student allows us access to unlimited networking opportunities. Whether with classmates, professors, staff members, university guests, conference speakers or club members, every occasion offers possibilities to meet people from different backgrounds, with different worldviews. For me, meeting new people is the most important part of the program, as it contributed to both my professional development and personal growth. After a year in the MIM program, I am truly thankful for all the people that I met here, and can proudly say that I have a place to stay in almost every country in the world!