Yoav Bloch

Yoav Bloch

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Entrepreneurial spirit and fostering a relentless drive for success have defined my journey in the world of business. The values of IE and the GXMBA have been fully aligned with mine. Success in business extends beyond monetary gains; it's a continuous quest for self-improvement and curiosity. My guiding principle is to be a servant leader, giving back to the world and spreading positive energies by changing the education system.

Over the past two decades, I’ve taken on the challenge of improving the K12 education system in Israel and pursuing the goal of allowing kids to fulfil their potential and reach for the stars. 

The impact on the lives of children and youth is my driving motivation, and the experience of leading others to success is humbling.

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Yoav Bloch

“The program has changed me as a person in ways I couldn't have imagined. Try to push yourself and do your best. The flexibility and blended format are a blessing. This journey is a wonderful opportunity for self-improvement, enjoy it!”

Yoav Bloch

You are clearly a very entrepreneurial individual with a drive to succeed in business. What was it about IE Business School’s Global Executive MBA that made you choose this program?

I would say that the main reasons were: 1. IE's Global characteristics – I wanted to meet talented people from all over the world. 2. Blended schedule – Having my own business for 15 years plus 2 young children at the time, required flexibility and enough breadth between F2F sessions to allow me to maintain everything in balance. 3. Academics and fun - Challenging peers and professors and mostly the fun atmosphere around everything.

What did you hope to gain from your time studying at IE University? Was there any particular skill set you hoped to gain from completing the program?

I had 3 main reasons to join the program. a. Expand my professional network to allow for new opportunities to present themselves. b. Have an "insurance policy" by acquiring a prestigious degree from a top school should I decide to change course in my career. c. Have fun and enjoy the experience. To my good surprise I received much better dividends.

Was there anything about the Global Executive MBA that surprised you or exceeded your expectations?

I know it sounds dramatic but the program has changed me as a person. The tools I've gained in terms of leadership skills and perspective were a complete surprise. It has changed the way I look at management, service and strategy. It might sound weird, but going through the program puts a sense of humbleness in you, and by being humble, great things happen.

What does success in business look like for you? What are your ultimate goals?

This is a tricky question, and maximum profit is not the answer, that would be a byproduct. For me success is to maintain the energy for that endless search for self-improvement, the curiosity. Always come to work like it's day one and challenge your strategy. Never be complacent, be humble and a role model for those around you as a servant leader. Having said that and at a more concrete level, my ultimate goal is to have my business serve and better the lives of as many individuals as possible.

Did your experience on the Global Executive MBA change your perspective on your career path in any way? How has the program influenced your career until now?

At first I thought the program would most probably bring me to change course in my career. Change either where I live, in which industry I work, or simply find a new challenge. However, by refining my perspective it has reinvigorated me to ask new and difficult questions about my existing business and to reflect on my performance and commitment. Equipped with the new tools and insights, I have turn around my business In the past 2 years following the program and drastically improved our KPIs.

What advice would you give to any prospective candidate who is considering the Global Executive MBA?

I think one of the key skills any prospective candidate would need is being razor sharp in running your schedule. The program requires 20-30 extra hours per week. If you are not rigorous in managing your schedule, you might get overwhelmed. Personally, I squeezed these extra hours daily, during those 15 months, every evening from 9PM after the kids went to bed, until 1AM. It was quite the challenge.

Can you tell us about any of your latest ventures? Anything to inspire like-minded entrepreneurial students looking to follow in your footsteps?

Like in many developed countries, the public education system for K12 in Israel is at a crisis. We find ourselves responsible to do the best we can to help as many families as we can to get the best service and products we can provide. We have recently launched a new, government approved, junior high math workbook which we naturally believe is the best in the market and we expect to reach a market share of up to 50% within 2-3 years. Besides that, we are deploying custom made courses in schools around the country, striving to grow in deep double-digit percentages in all our KPIs. We know that when we deliver, we impact the lives of kids and youth, and the satisfaction of a successful project is wonderful.

My 2 cents for inspiration would be to try and be a servant leader. Find out how can you best give your fair share back to the world we live in and spread your positive energies. And when you find out, strive every day to improve and become better than yesterday.