Humans of IE

We’re active. We’re out there. We’re future focused with forward momentum. We’re a single entity of jaw-dropping ideas, an exciting range of experiences.

Our people in all their diversity. Our people in all their exceptionality. Our people make us who we are, so we made a place for them. We are IE Business School.

Andrej, Norway

To have faith is to have wings. Thank you IE Business school, for giving me that faith and enabling me to challenge the status quo!

Master in Management

Jessica, Lebanon

The School of life

International MBA

Anuj , India

I would describe IE Business school as a global family

International MBA

Katie, United Kingdom

My favorite thing has been meeting a variety of new people

Master in Management

Pedro, Spain

I came here for the challenge and I was blown away!

International MBA

Janna, Philippines

I love that in class we have such a multicultural and confident group

International MBA

Daniel, Israel

The place where dreams come true

International MBA

Arthemis, Brazil

Coming here has been like diving into a new ocean

Master in Management

Arpit, India

I have learned the power that comes out of diversity

International MBA

Julia, Brazil

This is looking like the best year of my life!

International MBA

Georges, France/Lebanon

I´m feeling extremely lucky because it happened

Master in Finance

Raphael, Switzerland

Take advantage of all the resources at your disposal!

Master in Management

Giedre, Lithuania

The insitution's constant changes and challenges allow me to continuously grow professionally

Associate Director for Community Engagement

Maria Catalina, Colombia

Multiculturality and openness to change

International MBA

Luis , Spain

Rollercoasting life- changing experience

International MBA

Carola, Spain

This is the best International experience I could imagine!

International MBA

Gaurav, India

Where reality is even better than fiction

International MBA

Sabina, Azerbaijan

“IE continuously puts you in these situations that allow you to work with people from different countries, backgrounds and cultures.”

International MBA

Peter, Australia

Truly a hothouse for cultivating new ideas

Entrepreneurship professor

Valerie, France/Colombia

The community you want to be in!


Marta, Spain

Forming part of this diverse community allows you to learn from different points of view, making you a better professional and person

Director of the Dean's Office

César, Peru

What I love the most is the diversity of the people!

International MBA

Nerea, Spain

The most enriching year of my life!

Alum International MBA

Inés, Venezuela

I came, I learned, I (thought I) left but I came back for more!

Product Marketing Manager

Andrés, USA

IE Business School gave me the opportunity to reinvent myself

International MBA

Andrew , United States

“Iterate often, practice self love and take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

Master in Advanced Finance

Phil, United Kingdom

Self-disruption paradise

International MBA

Juliana, USA/Colombia

The Business School's clear vision from day one placed a focus on what happens inside and outside the classroom

Chief of Campus Life

Mauricio, Mexico

IE Business School is the most innovate school I've ever been to!

International MBA

Mauricio, Venezuela

Studying at IE Business School is an invitation to be a part of the world

Business Analyst

Iram, India

It's a remarkably wild ride!

International MBA

Luca , Italy

A creative and disruptive washing machine!

International MBA

Nitish, India

IE Business school people: The disruptors

International MBA

Patricia, Brazil

I'm able to study with people from all around the world and learn about different cultures

Master in Management

Achille, Cameroon

I love discovering and learning about different cultures

International MBA

Max, Germany

Fascinating place, fascinating people

Master in Management

Emelyn, Spain/USA

An explosion of challenge, fun and culture

International MBA

Ankit, India

I can say I now have over 30 homes around the world!

Alum Master in Management

Liuyun, China

Challenge to think outside the box and push boundaries

Master in Management

Sarel, Indonesia

Being here opens countless opportunities

International MBA

Iulia, Austria/Germany

A place for self-starters and entrepreneurs

International MBA

Carlos, Venezuela

IE Business school is a whole new world that you're constantly discovering!

Engagement Manager - Talent & Careers

Abhyudaya, India

So many distinctive people coming together and having fun

International MBA

Nico, Switzerland

Put simply: the people are incredible!

Master in Finance

María , Spain

Talent, talent and more talent!

Director of Admissions

William , Argentina/United Kingdom

The opportunity to surround yourself by people who uplift you

Master in Management

Enzo, Spain/Venezuela

Continous improvement and growth

Alum Master in Management

Hironori, Japan

Transform yourself!

International MBA

Yegnesh, India

The world in one building

International MBA

Moin, India

I love the experience for the city, the Football, and the MBA, most of all!

International MBA

Luisa, Colombia

IE Business School makes you feel like sleeping is a waste of time!

International MBA

Beatriz, Spain

The perfect place to be an intrapreneur

Senior Marketing Manager

Juan, France/Colombia

A life experience, multiplied!

International MBA

Pablo, Spain

Empower yourself and who you surround!

Alum International MBA

Sonia, India

I now have a friend in almost every country!

International MBA

Alexander, Bulgaria

One word: Vibrant!

International MBA

Paula, Colombia/Netherlands

A burst of visions and creations!

Marketing Intern

Agustin, Argentina

Our community feels like a family

International MBA

Paolo, Italy

The most international place on earth

International MBA

Paris, USA

Empowering our future!

Managing Director Venture Lab

Shubham, India

IE Business School gives you the opportunity to explore your best self

International MBA