“I realized that the participants were as important as the program itself in making the Global Online MBA a life-changing experience. It was a fast-moving roller coaster, but it never failed to live up to those first impressions!”

Ciaran, Ireland

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Ciaran Carolan

About me

Ciaran is an interdisciplinary technical expert and communicator with experience in industrial, commercial, academic and governmental fields in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Estonia and Canada. Most recently, he has leveraged his strong background in science and technology when working with political, diplomatic and technical working groups to drive evidence-based decision-making within the European Union and the United Nations.

Ciaran Carolan, Ireland


Program Manager at the International Civil Aviation Organization, a specialised UN Agency in Montreal

Program studied

Global Online MBA

Define your experience in the Global Online MBA using one word.


In what ways do you think the Global Online MBA has changed your life, professionally and personally?

Given my background in science and technology, the Global Online MBA—with its strong grounding in business—has been of particular professional significance. The added confidence and encouragement to engage in business- and finance-oriented discussions at management and executive levels in my current role has provided me with new insights and expedited my professional development. Alternative job options and career paths have emerged that previously seemed closed, and I am sure that my family have noticed the renewed enthusiasm with which I approach professional activities.

What advice would you give to students who are about to begin the program?

Forget any preconceived notions you might have about the subjects you should excel or struggle in. Regardless of your current knowledge in any given area, there will be much to learn in every topic. Those who are most knowledgeable at the beginning rarely know the most at the end. Apart from that, make friends! Your classmates will be the source of critical life-long learning while your specific MBA knowledge quickly dates—plus, they’re probably the last university classmates you’ll ever have!

What has been your favorite memory of the Global Online MBA so far?

The first morning of the initial residential week when we had our introductory presentation and group networking coffee. I was deeply impressed while the 60+ nationalities represented in the class were acknowledged, with each student holding up their flag for the photo.

During coffee afterwards, I quickly appreciated the fact that the group was as diverse and interesting in terms of personalities and interests as they were international. I realized that the participants were as important as the program itself in making the Global Online MBA a life-changing experience. It was a fast-moving roller coaster, but it never failed to live up to those first impressions!

What is networking like on the Global Online MBA?

During the Global Online MBA, the online portions seem like interludes between the in-person periods, rather than the predominant part of the course itself. For me, the residential weeks and the networking opportunities were most important in terms of building the supportive network that will benefit us going forward.

After the first residential week, the exceptional efforts made across team-building and networking, the shared celebrations, numerous group lunches, dinners and drinks evenings all created bonds among classmates. The group work later helped solidify those connections as bonds of trust. The Global Immersion Week was also an exceptionally good networking opportunity. Post-MBA, my strongest connections come from those across the different MBAs with whom I spent a fabulous week in San Francisco.

You won the Best Student Global Online MBA award 2019, do you think it will have an impact on your career?

Undoubtedly. Receiving the award was marvellous and brought immediate recognition from my peers and community. It was humbling to receive such recognition amongst a group of exceptionally talented people. I consider the award as much an outcome of the excellent work carried out overall as anything accomplished individually.

The impact of the award has proved similar to attaining the MBA degree itself. The degree provided an initial spur to career advancement, but really it was just the beginning of the process. With the knowledge and tools I’ve gained, I will be able to continuously advance my career in the years and decades to come. Similarly, the extent to which I use the skills that the award recognizes will determine my career advancement in the longer term. At the very minimum, the award has given me confidence in my knowledge of those skills, as well as the drive to ensure that this recognition is just the beginning.