"Having a diverse class enables you to get different perspectives to issues and opens your mind to how you look into matters."

Ifeoma, Nigeria

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Ifeoma Uche Anagbogu

About me

Process, operations and Project management professional with a demonstrated history of implementing successful and timely process reviews and projects across Sub-Saharan African Banks. Also very passionate about developing strategies to reposition businesses for profitability.

Ifeoma Uche Anagbogu, Nigeria


Process and Competence Improvement Officer at First Bank Nigeria

Program studied

IE Global Online MBA

Define your expirience in one sentence



In what ways do you think the program has changed your life, professionally and personally?

Professionally, my ability to communicate business ideas has improved; they are driven by actual data, research and patience. This is because I now break down issues the way I would analyze a case study in class, and this has positioned me more strategically in office meetings as I am able to negotiate and make more persuasive arguments. On a personal level, I am a better manager of my time as I have learnt to prioritize my day better. I never could have imagined juggling family, friends, a demanding job, church and a part-time MBA (which feels like full-time) and yet not fall short on any of these commitments. I believe the Global MBA experience has made me realize the important things in life and how much time the less important things should get.


What is your favorite memory of the program?

My first networking event was at the Real Madrid Stadium! Such a glamorous place and it enabled me to connect with some great people I now consider lifelong friends. We were all so excited to have started the journey and there was so much enthusiasm and openness in the room that night. I felt so proud of the sacrifices I had made to get to be at that cocktail party. I will never forget it.


What is networking like in the GMBA?

The program provides ample opportunities to network. For me the greatest network is my class of over 100 diverse, unique Individuals. Different cultures, experiences and personalities generate interesting discussions, which lead to lasting friendships.