Learning at IE Business School


IE Business School is committed to educating the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. With a world-class faculty, its programs are taught by leading academics as well as renowned practitioners who lead management innovation—both in research and international practice—within the disruptive world of business.

With teaching strategies that aim to develop core competencies in business, we employ innovative methods to further develop students’ entrepreneurial mindsets. As they learn to master business fundamentals, students also learn how to integrate general management perspectives in order to think beyond business.

Our strategies are practical and innovative. They shape both professionals and entrepreneurs with a personalized learning journey that empowers them to become leaders who generate impact and drive change.


Following IE University’s Liquid Learning Model, IE Business School’s methodologies have become even more effective. This unique learning model provides an interactive and transformational experience—seamlessly blending physical, digital and natural environments to guarantee a world-class education, no matter where our students are.


Our hands-on and dynamic approach to learning is achieved through IE Business School’s diverse teaching methodologies, which include:

  • IE Teaching Methodologies - Hybrid Learning | IE Business School

    Our classes, whether on or offline, act as idea incubators, as we encourage our students to learn by exchanging perspectives and engaging in debates daily. Practical and career-focused, our programs promote concepts and theories linked to situations and decisions that companies face today. By engaging in business-oriented case studies, students learn to put ideas into practice and cutting-edge multimedia simulations allow them to apply their learning in real time, in teams or individually.

  • IE International Day | IE Business School

    Mirroring work within a large corporation or a dynamic start-up, students participate in Innovation Labs and Consulting Projects, and these are just two of the many opportunities students have to interact with leading experts across various sectors.

  • IE don

    To promote collaboration on real-world projects and in order to provide students with hands-on experiences in their chosen career path, students participate in a number of international competitions: Business Challenges, Start-up Competitions and Prizes in the Humanities. Competitions like these teach students to solve difficult, time-sensitive problems while simulating real-world experiences.

  • IE teaching methodologies | IE Business School

    With our diverse student body, students finish the program having acquired an open and global mindset, which, consequently, teaches them to work in teams with people from all walks of life. Career success is not just about individual performance, but rather, highly effective collaboration and communication. With this in mind, IE Business School aims to foster the development of students’ interpersonal and behavioral skills.


  • Liquid Learning is…

    Pioneering online education for over 20 years | This approach to on-and-offline education is unique and our years of experience have allowed us to develop a highly interactive experience in multi-layered environments, which enables us to drive knowledge to its full potential.

    Constantly updated to stay relevant | We learn the specific needs and demands of each program’s student profile and context. In this way, we stay at the forefront.

    A reflection of the global workplace | Today’s professionals are no longer confined to an office for the duration of their working life, which is why we design programs that use the best and most up-to-date content, technologies and tools to prepare them for the unique challenges of the modern workplace.

    Personalized | Ideal class-sizes and interactive and engaging classes support meaningful and dynamic discussions amongst students and professors.

    Taught by international leaders in business | Over 1,000 professors spread around the globe bring an unparalleled knowledge of cases from every corner of the business world. Around 70% of our faculty are active professionals in the business world, endowing them with unique and valuable insights into global business

    Real | Life is a blend of digital and physical interactions, and we think that education should be too.

    A global educational experience | Our students come from all around the world, providing you with a unique opportunity to network with global professionals with similar mindsets. You will have countless chances to interact with the best that international business has to offer.

    Diverse | Like the global workplace, IE Business School is diverse. Our students and faculty represent countless cultural and professional backgrounds, leading to a highly enriched learning environment.

  • Liquid Learning is not…

    Just another online format | Liquid Learning goes beyond what you’ve seen in traditional online programs. Our classes truly engage students and provide space for meaningful interactions with peers and professors.

    Just another flexible format | This approach is exclusive to IE. You won’t find another like it! It is a blend of various learning activities, such as lectures, group projects, 1-on-1 feedback sessions, multimedia simulations, learning forums (the list goes on…), that stimulates deeper learning and allows you to have the flexibility to map out your own learning journey and professional path.

    Just a normal networking opportunity | Our community consists of more than 130 nationalities so you’ll be studying in a truly international environment. The connections, diversity and the knowledge you’ll be exposed to are beyond compare!

Learning activities in the student's day-to-day




With whom in my class?

Simultaneously: we all coincide in doing the same activity

We do not coincide in doing the same activity

The entire class

Lectures ‌, Conferences Forums ‌, Simulations

Only my workgroup

Discussion seminar ‌, Team Projects ‌, Company/Institutions Projects ‌, Workshops Working on the final Business Plan‌, Group coaching

I work individually with a specific learning activity

Pre-Program Course ‌‌, Surveys/polls‌, Exams, Class Exercises Individual Assignments ‌, 1 on 1 Feedback Sessions ‌, Peer to peer Feedback ‌, MOOCs (Video) ‌, Capstone/Thesis/Dissertation