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Blended Methodology


Our approach isn’t just online and it isn’t just on campus – it’s blended. We align and combine the best of technology, methodology and our world-class faculty, so you can experience multi-layered learning in a multi-faceted environment.

Our blended methodology combines live videoconferences, interactive forums, and activities with face-to-face modules in various locations around the world. By bringing together the best of online and in-person courses, we provide students with an unconventional educational experience so that you can learn in the same  way you work, because the business world is no longer confined to physical spaces.

Our videoconferences provide a personalized learning experience that adapts to the needs of modern professionals by providing distance learning in an up-close and personal real time experience. The small group sizes, along with the nature of our videoconferences, provide a sense  of proximity that simulates the in-classroom experience. Instead of a conventional approach to online lectures, students participate in case study analyses to actively engage with the material. Your professors will create a stimulating learning environment in which you will feel encouraged to participate. Our technology contributes to this by featuring classmates as they participate, and dividing the classroom into smaller groups to discuss specific topics.

Within the online component of the course, we make room for more face-to-face interaction with group work and case study analyses as well as asynchronous discussion forums. Students present their group findings to the class, just as they would in a physical classroom. By participating in online forums, students are able to engage with their fellow classmates, pose meaningful questions, and respond to the professor.

Our updated, state-of-the-art WOW Room is a virtual learning experience without limits. It allows for enhanced collaboration and networking capabilities, resulting in a dynamic, intercultural exchange of knowledge and ideas. Some of the world’s most innovative technology has gone into producing this unique, lifelike virtual learning experience:
  • Emotion recognition system

    Take part in your virtual class with our real-time tracking system that will help us bring you and your class the most engaging, relevant learning experience.

  • Borderless classroom

    Join in on free and fluid debate with other ambitious students from any corner of the planet.

  • Hands-on technology

    Cast your vote in live class polls, collaborate with virtual documents in real time and take part in dynamic, interactive role plays. Even if you’re in different countries, it’ll feel like you’re in the same room.

  • Computer, tablet or mobile

    Choose the device that works best for your educational needs.

  • Maximum diversity for your professional network

    Forge real, lasting connections with the best global talent thanks to our seamless technological system.


Is it part-time? Is it online? Is it in-person? No, it’s blended.

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected and fast-paced, we understand that professionals face unique challenges in the modern-day classroom. With this in mind, we have developed our blended methodology as a new way to approach the learning experience. Blended learning combines online learning with face-to-face interaction, so that students are free to customize their education so that it fits seamlessly into their lives.


Today’s dynamic professionals need flexible programs that adapt to their circumstances. Our portfolio offers different formats that suit different lifestyles. Your education should enhance and complement your global career, which is why with our blended methodology, you can combine your professional life with your academic experience.


One of the main benefits of the blended methodology is balance, whether it be at work, in academics, or in your personal life. The blended approach gives you the freedom to advance your career while simultaneously pursuing a valuable, meaningful education.


You’ll never feel like you’re missing out on the physical classroom experience with the variety of tools offered. With online activities, video chats, and more, our online platform is innovative and interactive. Our forums are unique, with professors tracking participation and students encouraged to engage.

Truly Diverse

Our Blended Methodology allows you to meet international professionals and create long-lasting business relationships. IE provides the perfect platform for profound global connection, mixing real, face-to-face contact with continued online interaction. We celebrate diversity, and our blended cohorts combine professionals from different backgrounds, functions, industries, nationalities and places of residence for a truly blended experience.


Your life is already a blend of digital and physical interactions: you buy tickets for a concert on an app, schedule work meetings using an online calendar, and collaborate with coworkers in person and via email. Why not approach education in the same way? The mix of remote and in-person collaboration prepares professionals for real-world experiences in executive leadership.


  • Blended is...

    Pioneering online education for over 20 years | This approach to on-and-offline education is unique and our years of experience have allowed us to develop a highly interactive experience in multi-layered environments, which enables us to drive knowledge to its full potential.

    Constantly updated to stay relevant | We learn the specific needs and demands of each cohort’s profile and context. In this way, we stay at the forefront.

    A reflection of the global workplace
    Today’s professionals are no longer confined to an office for the duration of their working life. Global executives need a program that will prepare them for the unique challenges of the modern workplace.

    Smart | We use the best and most up-to-date technology to create program suited to savvy executives.

    Personalized | Reduced class-sizes and interactive online classes support meaningful and dynamic discussions amongst students.

    Taught by international leaders in business | Over 1,000 professors spread around the globe bring an unparalleled knowledge of cases from every corner of the corporate world. Around 70% of our faculty are active members of the business world, endowing them with unique and valuable insights into global business

    Real | Life is blended, and we think that education should be blended, too.

    A global educational experience | Our students come from all around the world, providing you with a unique opportunity to network with global executives that match your profile. Our interactive blended format will give you countless chances to interact with the best that international business has to offer.

    Diverse | Like the global workplace, IE is diverse. Our students and faculty represent countless cultural and professional backgrounds, leading to a highly enriched learning environment.

  • Blended is not...

    Just another online format | Our blended, interactive online format goes beyond what you’ve seen in online programs. Our classes engage students and provide space for meaningful interactions with peers

    and professors.

    Just another part-time format | This approach to the blended format is exclusive to IE. You won’t find another like it! We blend our unique online learning forums, videoconferences, and multimedia with face-to-face interaction during our intensive week-long sessions.

    Just a normal networking opportunity | With more than 130 nationalities  within our student body, and professors from all over the world, you’ll be studying in a truly international environment. The connections and the knowledge you’ll be exposed to is beyond compare!


Get an up-close-and-personal look at the new way of learning. Find out how much further you can go with our highly innovative Blended programs.
  • Business School


      Transformation & Disruption. Blend your personal, professional and academic life in our 17-24 month, internationally focused Global MBA.


      Our blended, flagship Executive MBA takes your professional career to new destinations without having to sacrifice your personal life along the way.


      Take your already proven managerial expertise on a journey around the world. The Global Executive MBA is for executives of the highest level who want to deepen their understanding, broaden their reach and continue breaking boundaries.


      Two elite institutions with expertise in business, the humanities, and social science: a blended virtual campus experience and in-the-flesh world-renowned learning. It combines different worlds and will expand yours.


      Professionals with at least 5 years of experience need a program that sets its sights global to get ahead of the game: global networks, global knowledge, global vision. Are you a global professional?

  • School of Human Sciences & Technology

    • Master in Corporate Marketing Communications Part-time

      Guide organizations through the digital age with effective communication and marketing strategies to drive business value.

    • Master in Digital Marketing Part-time

      Become a forward-thinking expert in the thrilling new world of digital performance, strategy, and customer analytics.

    • Global Business Analytics & Big Data

      This program prepares you to take on much-needed leadership roles in the data science industry and to tackle the toughest challenges of our data-driven era.

    • Master in Cybersecurity Part-time

      Join the army of digital guardians shaping cyberstrategy and managing digital risk to ensure technology is available, protected, and secure.

    • Executive Master in Digital Transformation & Innovation Leadership

      Digital up-skilling to drive tech innovation and transform teams, functions and organizations.

    • Executive Master in Positive Leadership & Transformation

      Build new perspectives, skills, and techniques you need to optimize your performance, the performance of your team, and the bottom-line results of your organization.

  • Law School

    • Master in Legal Tech

      A cutting-edge program designed to empower lawyers, entrepreneurs and professionals from diverse backgrounds, to think outside the box, explore and harness the power of technology in the sector.

    • Executive LL.M.

      The program is business-law focused and covers American Common Law, its application in international practice and management essentials, vital to the practice of law for business clients.

    • Master in Global Corporate Compliance Part-time

      The program prepares students to respond to the new and complex regulatory challenges in the global marketplace across different industries.

    • Máster en Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas Part-time

      Este programa responde a los cambios transformadores en la industria legal, el impacto de la globalización, la innovación y la tecnología.

  • School of Architecture & Design

    • Master in Business for Architecture and Design

      The program trains professionals for a future that does not differentiate between business and design, not between physical and digital, and in which action, collaboration and multidisciplinarity are the rule.

  • School of Global & Public Affairs

    • Executive Master in Internationalization and Trade

      The program is a window into the disruptive role of innovation and emerging technologies in international businesses, and the associated challenges and opportunities for companies that want to expand their international footprint.