Practical Methodology

The heart of good learning is focused on you

At IE Business School, innovation is what we do. Education is about supporting managers, directors and executives in what they need to lead change across industries. We offer new perspectives. We offer a state-of-the-art re-imagining of how business is done. We offer access to a new network of industry movers and shakers. We offer the future.

Using our practical methodology, our programs blur the line between classroom teaching and real-life application. In sessions that feature a variety of techniques, you will be immersed in an environment that will take you to the next level of business and managerial performance.

Case Method

Our well-structured case-study method will take your on a journey, arriving at personalized learning points during the process, all the while enhancing key aspects of your overall business and managerial performance. First, get involved with the cases individually, then, after further group preparation in one of the dedicated work rooms, discuss your findings under the watchful eye of the professor.

Experience Languages I IE Business School


Taking into account different nationalities, training, backgrounds and experiences, we form idea challenging, leader-shaping groups. Changing the teams up every term ensures a continually adaptive environment that providesthe optimal learning experience for future managers.

Interactive Learning

We are groundbreakers and road-builders on the information highway. We use simulators, interactive graphics, videos, and dynamic case studies to pave the way for your learning and success.