Facing the Future Together

Our Partners

As we have always sought to connect, it is of no surprise that we have forged partnerships with some of the most diverse and reputable institutions in the world. Our network is on the front line of innovation where we liaise, innovate and achieve alongside pacesetting sector professionals.

Many combinations for infinite possibilities

Joint Degrees

Joint degrees allow students to pursue their personalized career goals in a unique, dynamic environment where they have exclusive access to diverse perspectives within distinct institutions. They acquire versatile skill sets while discovering new approaches to problem solving and issue framing.

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Dual Degrees

Dual Degrees provide the opportunity for a customizable education. Students explore their interests in different but complementary fields in order to become multidisciplinary leaders with big-picture perspectives.

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Enrich your IE experience with an exchange at one of our 50 partner institutions around the world to enrich studies, widen your perspectives and immerse yourself in another culture – all the while building your international professional profile.

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Over the years IE Business School has built up relationships and forged networks with some of the world’s most well respected institutions. A closer, better-connected world means more opportunity for innovation and expansion.

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With our IE Foundation we go far to make you go further

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