Martin Boehm

Dean of IE Business School

You want to further develop as a leader in business and you want to expand your professional reach into different parts of Asia. You are progressing well in your career and you would like to enhance your leadership skills to create innovative change, grow a business, transform an organization, or become an entrepreneur.

And you would like to do so while you remain active in your existing professional and personal life. It is with you in mind that the IE Business School and Singapore Management University (SMU) have joined forces to develop the IE-SMU MBA programme.

Drawing on our joint expertise in business education, we have designed a programme in which you reach mastery through moments of understanding and insight and through discussion, action and reflection. We have built a curriculum based on the well-tested core elements of business administration and we have combined them with critical skillbuilding modules, project-based learning, and seminars on management in Asia that together will equip you for the next phase in your professional journey.

The programme is 13 months long, starting with a week at IE Business School’s campus in Madrid, followed by 4 other face-to-face course periods in Singapore. In between the face-to-face periods you will be able to complete your coursework by learning from faculty in various live platforms that have been fine-tuned for an effective and engaging learning experience. Under the guidance of faculty you will be able to apply newly learned concepts and tools in real-life business projects to close the loop between theory and practice.

We are excited about your interest and we invite you to learn more about the programme and encourage you to contact us with your questions.

We look forward to receiving your application and seeing you on our campuses!