IE promotes diversity

IE promotes diversity to ensure a unique experience, enriched by the contributions of students from around the world. Freedom and respect for diversity are inalienable values of our identity. Students, graduates and professors from more than 160 countries nurture an ecosystem rich in visions and ideas.

The Center for Diversity at IE

Since September 2002, the Center for Diversity in Global Management at IE has focused on making the business world a fairer place for all. The Center seeks to promote diversity of gender, culture, personality, and age in managerial positions.

How does the Center go about this?

  • By analyzing the improvement in bottom line results, and studying the effectiveness of inclusion policies, it fosters a firmer understanding of the benefits of corporate diversity.
  • By promoting management training programs for minority groups in companies across the globe, the Center helps integration into the fabric of business.
  • By raising its voice and inspiring action, it helps to generate debate and encourages people to share experiences.

IE Women

It’s no secret that women have historically been underrepresented in the fields of business and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Although recent years have seen a significant improvement in the percentage of women entering these areas and thriving, there is still a long way to go. One thing is certain, more women in the classroom translates to more female executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and global players.

The creation of IE Women is part of our mission to contribute to the fight for gender equality in business. This initiative seeks to leverage efforts across IE University to empower women on their professional journey. Thanks to the work of dedicated IE faculty, research, female-led clubs, alumni and staff, IE Women is designing tools to attract and retain female talent, with a particular focus on STEM and business.

IE Women in Business Club

The IE WIB Club was created to provide a space for women to network, as well as championing new ways to promote gender equality in business. This club provides resources and network opportunities for professionals looking to raise awareness about the importance of gender equality and female representation in business.

Footprints of change: Africa

Our global vision knows no bounds. Through knowledge generation, research and technology we seek to promote business innovation and social entrepreneurship in Africa. With a fast growing alumni network, as well as partnerships with private, public and non-profit organizations, we are making an impact. Check out the steps we’ve taken – and the footprints of change we’re leaving in our wake.

Check it out


IEOut is for the LGBTQ community at IE, creating a positive space for LGBTQ and allies alike.

IEOut Aims to:

  • Promote personal and professional development.
  • Highlight challenges faced by members of the LGBTQ community through outreach efforts and productive partnerships.
  • Create a network for IE’s LGBTQ students and alumni, as well as members of the Madrid LGBTQ community.
  • Every year, IE and the IEOut Club plan and organize the LGBT@Work forum. IEOut is proud to host this annual symposium and networking event that explores the best practices for workplace inclusion aimed at members of the LGBTQ community.