Dual Degree Master in Management + Master in Sustainability & Business Transformation | IE

Dual Degree Master in Management + Master in Sustainability & Business Transformation

Duration19 | 23 months*
IntakeJanuary | September
Mode of StudyFull-time
FormatIn person
Duration19 | 23 months*
IntakeJanuary | September
Mode of StudyFull-time
FormatIn person

In a world grappling with critical social, environmental, and economic challenges, businesses today possess a unique capacity to be catalysts for change, driving our planet toward a more sustainable future. Sustainability is no longer optional in the dynamic landscape of today's business world; it's an essential imperative. Companies that seamlessly integrate sustainability into their strategies not only create positive environmental, economic, and social impacts but also fortify their resilience, reputation, and competitive edge in an increasingly conscientious and interconnected market.

The demand for purpose-driven business professionals with a transformational mindset is growing. These individuals are prepared to weave social, environmental, and economic change into their strategic framework.

The Dual Degree Master in Management + Master in Sustainability & Business Transformation is uniquely designed to mold professionals who can make sustainability the driving force and cornerstone of their business strategy.

Join us on this dual journey, and be the change the world needs in both management and sustainability.

*The duration of the dual degree varies depending on the intake selected

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  • You seek to expand your global network and develop...

    ...the confidence and skills to succeed in impactful roles.

  • You understand that the future of business is intertwined...

    ...with sustainability and want to be at the forefront of this transformative journey.

  • You want to acquire the necessary skills...

    ...to navigate the ever-changing business world.

  • You aim to broaden...

    ...your perspective and impact.

  • You want to grow...

    ...personally and professionally.


This Dual Degree is a combination of the two following programs. Explore their websites for more details.


The Master in Management is an official degree program. Students must fulfill the following requirements to be able to request the issuance of the Official University Degree upon completion of the Master Program. If educational prerequisites are not provided and/or if the requirements are not met on time, the student will not be able to request the official university degree as issued by the Spanish government. In this case, the studies will not be official under Spanish educational regulations.


Master in Sustainability & Business Transformation is a University Private Degree from IE Universidad*, and taught in IE Business School. More information on what earning a University Private Degree from IE Universidad entails.

*IE Universidad is a University officially recognized by the Spanish education authorities, allowed to grant both University Official Degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees), which are specifically regulated and accredited by Spanish Ministry of Education and University Private Degrees (Master), that are specifically designed by the University towards the professional application of their studies and the constant update of higher education, preserving the educational standards of excellence of IE. Both types of degrees are equally backed by the rigor and prestige of IE University.


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  • The Dual Degree Master in Management + Master in Sustainability & Business Transformation strikes a balance between management and sustainability coursework by offering a comprehensive curriculum.

    Starting with the Master in Management, students gain a solid foundation in business, covering areas like finance, economics, and marketing.

    Simultaneously, the program delves into sustainability and business transformation, ensuring a holistic understanding.

    This integrated approach allows students to translate sustainability goals into practical applications across various business functions.

  • The faculty members bring extensive expertise to the Dual Degree program, spanning both management and sustainability disciplines.

    Our esteemed faculty is committed to providing high-impact courses that enable students to navigate the dynamic business world with sustainability principles at the forefront.

    Their diverse backgrounds and experiences contribute to a rich learning environment, ensuring students receive well-rounded insights into both management and sustainability.

  • The Dual Degree program is designed to address evolving trends and challenges in sustainable business practices.

    In a world facing critical social, environmental, and economic issues, the program emphasizes the essential role businesses play as catalysts for positive change.

    Through a forward-thinking curriculum, students are equipped to integrate sustainability seamlessly into their business strategies, preparing them to lead in an increasingly conscientious and interconnected market.

  • Networking opportunities are abundant for Dual Degree students. Exclusive events, welcome sessions, and networking opportunities are strategically designed to enrich your academic journey.

    These events are tailored for Dual Degree students, providing a platform to connect with professionals in both management and sustainability fields. 

    The program's global network ensures that students can build meaningful connections that extend beyond the classroom, enhancing their career prospects.

  • The program fosters a collaborative learning environment by bringing together students with a focus on both management and sustainability aspects.

    Through innovative learning methods and a holistic curriculum, students develop a 360˚ view of the business world. This integrated perspective allows them to understand the interconnectedness of sustainability across various domains.

    Collaborative projects, discussions, and real-world applications enable students to work together, inspiring them to embrace sustainability as a fundamental part of their professional identity.