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Peter Thomas Boland


Peter Thomas Boland


Communication, Media & Marketing

Professional Experience

• Business & Marketing Consultant, Present

• Founding Partner at Shopciable

• Chief Strategy Officer, Mediabrands (Interpublic)

• President, Universal McCann (Interpublic)

Education & Professional Qualifications

• Honours Degree graduate in Modern Languages and Business Studies from Leeds University

Main Projects

With more than 29 years’ experience in senior roles in multinational companies in both the marketing and communications disciplines, Peter has worked for some of the most widely recognized global brands including Coca-Cola, Bacardi, Microsoft, L´Oreal, Telefonica, Orange, Renault, Chanel, Disney, Philips, Kraft and BMW.

In addition to his Management roles, Peter has never abandoned his passion for the strategic planning of brands, and has become an expert in the field of Communications Planning, Creativity and Innovation.

He is a regular speaker at industry events and has served as a jury member at a number of international and national advertising festivals such as Cannes and the Eurobest Awards.

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