Application Form


The application form contains detailed step-by-step information on how to fill it in, and guides you through the process.
Your application is subject to a non-refundable admission fee of €120 Information on how to pay this fee is included at the end of the form.



- Admission test results, if you chose SAT, ACT, CAS or LNAT (doesn't apply to visiting students)

- The originals or official copiees of your academic record from your current or recent Baccalaureate (high school) studies (or University if you ar a transfer or visiting student), detailing all of the subjects and courses taken, and the grades obtained.*
Letters of recommendation: one from your professor or tutor, and another from your head of studies or from your dean, vice-dean or rector)

- An official copy of your passport, identity card, or residence permit (NIE)

- A recent CV which includes your academic background, work experience, and extracurricular activities. Include any prizes, awards or distinctions you have won and enclose any documents relating to these awards, i.e. newspaper articles or copies of certificates or prizes

- A passport-sized photo

- Additional documents: a portfolio of your work and any other diploma or prize which you feel will give us a better overview of you, your achievements and your interests.

- *All official documents that the Admissions department requires must be translated to Spanish or English. For any questions/doubts please do not hesitate to email your advisor at:

- N.B.: A portfolio of creative work is required for the Bachelor in Architecture program. Candidates should put together a dossier providing examples of their work and illustrating their creativity, artistic talent and design skills.


You should complete the admission process in the language you are going to study your undergraduate program in. This includes the application form, admission test, and personal interview.

As a future student at IE University, you must be proficient in the language you are going to take your undergraduate program in. In addition, to obtain your degree, you must be sufficiently proficient in English and Spanish for you to be able to work in both languages.

If you wish to study an undergraduate program in Spanish but have submitted SAT, ACT, CAS or LNAT results, these tests will be accepted in English but you must complete the rest of the admission process in Spanish, including the application form.

You can submit certificates as proof of your command of your chosen language, whether it is English or Spanish. One such certificate is the TOEFL. You can ask for the results of this test to be sent directly to IE University indicating IE University’s TOEFL institution code: 5522. These certificates, nonetheless, are optional as you will have to demonstrate your proficiency anyway throughout the admission process.




Every stage of our admissions process is aimed at identifying all the distinct aspects of your academic trajectory and personality that make you unique as an individual.

Admission Process