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IE University, recognized internationally for its high-quality teaching and prestigious partnerships, enables graduates to compete for top positions globally, across all industries. We help our rich diversity of students to shape and launch their professional careers, equipping them with all the resources and skills they need to succeed in the job market of today and tomorrow.

Our unique learning environment facilitates professional and personal growth, empowering students to discover their full potential while guiding them down their personalized professional journey.

Our students develop highly sought-after profiles and are actively recruited by employers of leading corporations even before they graduate. Our extensive network and close ties with the business world offers endless opportunities, from important positions in major multinational companies to roles in smaller organizations and startups. Other students choose to develop entrepreneurial projects, either during or after their studies, building and managing their own companies.

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Your degree from IE University opens you up to a world of opportunity. Upon graduation, you’ll be ready to start a career in a range of areas across sectors.

Economic consultant

Societies, companies and governments need to keep up with changes in the economic environment that deeply affect the groups and individuals that shape them. You will have the expertise needed to become an economic consultant ready to understand individuals’ needs, and propose actions to satisfy them by optimizing the allocation of limited resources.

Policy developer

An innovative future, where existing policies are no longer relevant, requires professionals capable of understanding regulatory uncertainty. Policy developers review, improve and implement policies and strategies on a variety of matters related to the economic development of companies and governments.

Behavioral economics advisor

Research has shown that many traditional economic principles are inconsistent with natural and irrational human behavior. By studying and understanding the fundamentals of human behavior and its implications in classic economic theory, you will develop the skills necessary to restructure economic principles and propose solutions to the most pressing economic challenges faced by companies and organizations.

Financial market analyst

Finance is a data-driven industry. The biggest challenge of a financial analyst is being able to understand and analyze financial statements, market trends and microeconomic conditions. As a financial market analyst, you will be able to make business recommendations for companies and organizations, and predict outcomes of deals and financial operations.

Government research consultant

The public sector is an exigent environment. In today’s ever changing world and with the rise of big data, governments are demanding profiles able to use the avalanche of information available to come up with efficient solutions. As a government researcher, you will discover and generate actionable ideas that will influence state and local government policies, helping to transform organizations.

Sustainable economy advisor

The rise of renewables, environmental consciousness, growing levels of automation and public pressure for transparency are paving the way for companies and government to step up to the challenge of sustainability. As a sustainable economy advisor, you will be able to assist the public and private sectors to increase economic growth in a sustainable and scalable way.