Duration15 months
IntakesSeptember and April
Periods in Madrid3 week
International Period1 week
Student Body95% international
Duration15 months
IntakesSeptember and April
Periods in Madrid3 week
International Period1 week
Student Body95% international

Your career is your business

Invest in yourself and gain the necessary tools, knowledge and skills that will transform your career.

A unique approach to learning

The Blended Methodology brings together professionals in an interactive and innovative platform that reflects the business climate of today.


This program is tailored for students who wish to meet personal and professional needs while participating in the #1 Online MBA.


Enrich your network by developing lasting relationships with like-minded professionals with diverse backgrounds and vast experiences across a wide range of industries.

Propel Your Career

The Global MBA provides students with the tools necessary to propel their careers to where they want to be.



They will guide you, teach you, learn from you and become part of your network for life.


Become a member of an expanding global network that boasts over 45,000 alumni world wide with life-long access.


Our faculty consists of academic experts that bring intellectual diversity and different perspectives of business to the classroom.

Providing the opportunity to grow professionally

Whilst gaining the MBA prize is the end goal, the process to get there, building relationships, working together and having fun, I am sure is the more enriching prize” Philip Ratcliff (Global MBA alumnus).

Connect from anywhere

The highly innovative online Campus allows students to participate in the #1 Online MBA without compromising professional commitments. Boasting numerous interactive tools, students are able to sharpen their business skills while maintaining and advancing their professional careers.

Expand your network

We are proud to boast a student body and faculty of the highest caliber. The Blended Methodology brings together ambitious and industrious professionals from all over the globe, while our top-notch faculty hail from over 102 countries and enrich their lessons with real-life examples.

Career evolution

At IE, we strive for students to take full advantage of their professional capacities. Students learn all of the necessary hard and soft skills that will propel them to where they want to be professionally, while taking advantage of the personalized service provided by our Career Services Center.

Ubiquitous & innovative learning

Today the world is at a frantic pace and education must adapt. IE caters to professionals’ schedules allowing them to hone their skills without limitations while anywhere in the world.


We have developed mobile apps allowing you to access content and the Virtual Campus, simplifying the connection between students and IE Business School and giving you the freedom to learn anytime.


In 2000, IE launched the first online MBA in Europe. This innovative program has been recognized by the academic community through numerous international awards, is renowned as a point of reference and a pioneer of the blended methodology.


Using multimedia materials (simulations, games, tutorials …) our professors teach using the same highly acclaimed practical approach of our full-time programs. These materials increase the commitment, interest and motivation of students.

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Average years of experienceMinimum of 3 (preferably 5) years professional experience


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What they’re saying about the Global MBA

Alexander Griffith

Solidyn Solutions - Systems Engineer

“Excellent education from top notch professors while studying alongside superbly qualified fellow classmates. The online Global MBA program offered unparalleled diversity with students from vastly different countries and industries”.

Nast Marrero

Scrum Marketing Innovator & Lean Practitioner

“The blended program I took part in was the most enriching educational experience I have ever had. The visionary design of the courses and interactions of the students and faculty has made IE a leading innovator in the blended education field. It will take a lot of effort and experience to the rest of the top business schools to become proficient in this area, while IE is native to it”.


IE Business School is recognized as one of the best schools in the world by international rankings as those published by Financial Times, Business Week, Forbes, The Economist, Aspen Institute or América Economía.