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Elena Revilla


Elena Revilla


Operations & Technology

Professor, Operations & Technology

A pioneer in the study of organisational learning, a field where she began to do research in 1992, Elena Revilla received the award from the Club Gestión de Calidad for the best doctoral thesis. In her own words, “I am specialized in organizational behavior in an operational and supply chain management context”. Professor of operations and technology management and tenured professor –on leave of absence- at Universidad de Valladolid, she has participated in numerous national and international research projects. I am currently analysing the integration of knowledge into collaborative supply chains, funded by the national R&D Plan” she adds. This research project is the follow-up to a previous project funded by the EU, on cooperation agreements between business organizations for R&D.

Professor Revilla evaluates different scientific and congress publications, and has published numerous research articles in scientific journals like Journal of Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Journal of the Operation Research Society, Management Learning, International Journal of Technology Management, European Journal of Innovation Management, International Journal of Production Economics, Scandinavia Management, Technovation, Journal of High Technology, Management Research. In 2000 and 2011, the Academy of Management recognised her work as the best paper. She is a regular participant in the EUROMA (European Operation management Association), POMS, (production Operation Management sociality), DS (Decision Science) and Academy of Management conference.

She holds a Doctorate in Economic Sciences and Business Administration from Universidad de Valladolid, and an MA in Science and Technology Management, from Universidad Carlos III. Professor Revilla graduated in economics and business administration at Universidad de Valladolid, Spain.

Academic Background

• PhD in Economics & Business Administration, Universidad de Valladolid (Spain)

• MA in Science and Technology Management, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid (Spain)

• Degree in Economics & Business Administration, Universidad de Valladolid (Spain)

• Post-Doctoral Fellow, North Carolina University, Chapel-Hill (USA)

Professional and Academic Experience

• Professor of Operations, IE  (1999 – present)

• Head of the Operations & Technology Department, IE University, (2021 – Present)

• Director, DBA, IE University (2006 – 2021)

• Professor, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain (1992 – 2011)

• Visiting Researcher, MIT, USA (2010 – 2011) (2019)

• Visiting Researcher, North Carolina University, Chapel-Hill, USA (1996 – 1997)

• CPCL-Harvard Business School (2003)

• 2008 Research Excelence Award, IE

• Member of Numerous national and international research projects and author of work published in scientific journals and collective books

• Author of the book Factores Determinantes del Aprendizaje Organizativo. Un Modelo de Desarrollo de Products (Club Gestión de Calidad)

Latest Publications

• Villena, V., Choi, T., Revilla, E. (2020). “Mitigating Mechanisms for the Dark Side of Collaborative Buyer-Supplier Relationships: A Mixed-Method Study”. Journal of Supply Chain Management

• Saenz, M.J., Revilla, E., Simón, C. (2020). “What does the human face of AI look like?” Supply Chain Management Review, Vol. May/June

• Saenz, M.J., Revilla, E., Simón, C. (2020). “Designing AI Systems With Human-Machine Teams”. MIT Sloan Management Review, Vol.  (March)

• Revilla, E., Rodríguez-Prado, B., Simón, C. (2019). “The Influence of the Organisational Context on the Managerial Turnover- Performance Relationship”. Human Resource Management, Vol. 59 (5): 423-443

• Villena, V., Choi, T., Revilla, E. (2019). “Revisiting Interorganizational Trust: Is More Always Better or Could More Be Worse?” Journal of Management, Vol. 45 (2): 752-785