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Yegyu Han


Yegyu Han



Assistant Professor, Marketing

Yegyu Han is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at IE Business School. Her research draws on psychological principles and associated experimental methods to study various aspects of consumer behavior. Her portfolio of research projects includes work in two major topics of interest. First, Yegyu addresses how consumers form relationships with smart agents (e.g., Amazon’s Echo, Google Assistant) that are becoming increasingly common in consumer households. Specifically, she examines how factors such as personalization training and voice expression influence consumer attribution of anthropomorphic qualities to such devices, as well as the development of trust and liking. In a second research stream, Yegyu investigates various contextual effects on consumers’ perception and decision making, such as visual characteristics and consumer mindset.

Yegyu’s research has been published in a top consumer behavior journal, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, and has been presented at numerous international conferences, including the Association for Consumer Research, Society for Consumer Psychology, and ISMS Marketing Science conferences.

Prior to joining IE, she taught Consumer Behavior and Product and Price Management Marketing at Virginia Tech at the undergraduate level. At IE, Yegyu is teaching Marketing Management and Marketing Fundamentals at the undergraduate level.

Academic Background

• Ph.D. in Marketing, Virginia Tech (USA)
• M.S. in Marketing, Korea University (South Korea)
• B.B.A. in Business Administration, Korea University (South Korea)

Latest Publications

• Chaxel, A. S., & Han, Y. (2018). Benefiting from disagreement: counterarguing reduces prechoice bias in information evaluation. Journal of Consumer Psychology28(1), 115-129