"My art is a translation of how I see the world. To inspire others, you first need to inspire yourself."

Dorian, Swiss

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Dorian Ranger

About me

The most enjoyable aspect about making sculptures is that it’s one of the few activities that doesn't feel like work. I can completely turn off the noise and focus all my attention on the creative process. I was surprised to find that others see value in what I make—having sold some in the past—which both baffles me and gives me a sense of validation. Despite others seeing the sculptures as items worth paying for, this was never my intention to start with, and luckily I don't have to live off the art as a source of income. I am therefore able to retain autonomy in my creativity. A further benefit of this autonomy is that the sculptures retain their personal value. In the past, sculptures I created have mirrored my thought processes and, in some instances, were external representations of difficulties that I was having trouble working through internally.

Dorian Ranger, Swiss


University Student

Born in Switzerland, but with English roots, Dorian Ranger spent his childhood in Zug. He is in his 3rd year of the Bachelor in Business Administration, and is currently preparing for an exchange trip to Santiago, Chile in January. Dorian developed his passion for sculpture at 16, and has already sold pieces valued at more than 7 thousand euros. Before coming to IE University, Dorian took a gap year which was split between six months backpacking through Australia and New Zealand and six months working as a Swiss Military Medic. He began his IE University degree at the Segovia Campus, and has served two terms as an officer of the student government, while also being part of the rugby team. In his second year, he founded his own start-up called Orderly, a cleaning and moving company targeted at international students.

“IE University has made me feel they value my art, and have furthered my artistic expression by asking me to participate in a video series promoting the extracurricular interests of IE University students.”


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