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Tom Hall

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After years of working as an engineer in the renewable energy sector, I was ready for a change. The more my career grew, the more I realized I needed to enhance the business side of my knowledge base and develop the skills to become a better team leader and project manager. I found the path to all this and more through the Global Executive MBA, which has not only helped me fill the gaps in my skill set but also connected me to a global network of successful professionals who continually inspire me to achieve my potential.

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case2Vice President of Drivetrain Services at SkySpecs
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Tom Hall

“Learning from peers and being surrounded by their determination and passion left a profound impression on my personal and professional life.”

Tom Hall

Why did you decide to join the Global Executive MBA?

Transitioning from an education in engineering to working in engineering roles aligned perfectly with my aspirations to apply my technical knowledge. This focus led to my recognition as a chartered engineer and fellow at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

However, I realized that omitting business topics hindered the chance to connect technical innovations to the real world—and joining the Global Executive MBA would allow me to do just that. The program both provided a solid foundation in those areas and played a vital role in shaping my well-rounded leadership style. It not only helped me address gaps in my skill set, but also empowered me to connect technical expertise with the broader business landscape, driving meaningful impact in my career.

How did the Global Executive MBA help prepare you for your current role, which you secured just months after graduation?

By addressing crucial business topics such as entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and strategy, the program equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between technical innovations and real-world implementation. After completing the Global Executive MBA, I am now able to effectively define and shape our company's offerings, enabling us to support our customers in delivering the most efficient energy generation solutions in the world.

Can you share some key takeaways from your Global Executive MBA experience?

Interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and industries broadened my perspective. Not only did I learn from my professors, but sitting next to accomplished professionals also provided invaluable insights.

Witnessing the remarkable careers and future aspirations of my professors and colleagues inspired me deeply. The experience as a whole was eye-opening and exposed me to new ideas thanks to the large pool of perspective and knowledge in the IE Community. Learning from peers and being surrounded by their determination and passion left a profound impression on my personal and professional life. Overall, it was a life-changing experience that expanded my horizons, nurtured my learning and ignited my ambitions.

So far, what has it been like building a business career with an engineering background?

As an engineer, working with numbers and utilizing applications for analysis, modeling and simulation came naturally to me. From there, my journey evolved through a continuous improvement mindset. Initially, I focused on enhancing processes, refining algorithms and coordinating people effectively. This experience led me to explore Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, but it soon became apparent that I could have a more profound impact by taking on a leadership role.

My passion for analysis evolved into a focus on analytics, while my commitment to continuous improvement expanded into driving performance optimization. Guiding my team's journey and shaping our future became a natural extension of my skill set and aspirations. Throughout this process, I've thoroughly enjoyed building a business career where I can leverage my engineering background to define and shape the future.

What advice would you offer anybody considering the Global Executive MBA?

First, have confidence in yourself and pursue it—even if you don't have your current company's support. It's a decision that can greatly benefit your career growth. Second, commit yourself fully to the program. Remember, you will reap the rewards based on the effort you invest. Lastly, actively engage in the program and seize every opportunity because your active participation will shape your future and maximize the value you gain from the Global Executive MBA experience.