Maya Helbaoui

Public Affairs Lead, Middle East, Roche
International MBA, IE Business School (2011-12)

Maya Helbaoui, from Lebanon, works in the Public Affairs, Healthcare field. Maya holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D). Her work has always been centered on Healthcare & Media specifically; policy, advocacy and public affairs, so doing the IE International MBA immersed her into the business side.

At Roche, Maya’s main work is around building valuable partnerships with different stakeholders in the Middle East like the healthcare authorities, policy makers, patient groups, and media by adopting new creative and nontraditional approaches in order to shape the healthcare environment and health systems and help as many patients have access to quality healthcare.

Maya works closely with the Ministry of Health in pursuing collaborative solutions and diagnosing main gaps in disease awareness and management. She has shaped the direction of the national breast cancer awareness campaigns by introducing new creative themes targeting nontraditional audience and this led to an increase in screening in remote areas by more than 20%. The national campaigns received international awards.

Maya also works with Patient Advocacy Groups (non-governmental organizations focused on patient support) and Media agents – she launched the first accredited Capacity Building Program in the Middle East with the American University of Beirut – built the individual, organizational and policy capacities of Patient Advocacy Groups and Media to help them lead an advocate role and promote for patient-outcomes-focused Healthcare systems.

“Even in the corporate world, if you want to make a difference, you need to have an entrepreneurial way of thinking. It helps you bring new ideas to the table and always suggest creative approaches and target non-conventional customers and stakeholders to solve traditional problems.” Maya received the AACSB award – chosen among the first 100 AACSB Influential Leaders who are making an impact in the world through their business acumen, leadership and entrepreneurial success.