Chris Gomes

Co-founder Alavida
International MBA, IE Business School (2013-14)

Christine Gomes, known simply as Chris, is a business and marketing leader with over 15 years experience in product development, brand building and customer understanding. Innovation-centric, she led linear and cross functional teams in companies such as Kraft Foods, where she was awarded the Kraft International Achievement Award for Club Social’s outstanding results. She served as South and Central America Marketing Manager at Pepsico, where she managed Lays innovation projects and communication campaigns for 16 countries.

Despite having a solid career in the FMCG industry, her time at IE helped her realize her passion for entrepreneurship. Chris helped deliver the dream of flight in Brazil, with the launch of iFLY indoor Skydiving. She co-Founded VSpot, which gave her the 2014 IE Venture Lab Award. She is currently an Angel Investor, and CMO at Alavida Health, the virtual care for heavy drinking company growing from the IE alumni kinship and in the midst of a Series A raise.

At Alavida Health, Chris works passionately to deliver the tools that empower her team to deliver non-judgmental, lighthearted support that helps educate North-Americans and touch on a heavy subject: alcohol addiction. Despite being the third leading risk factor for death and disability, barriers to treatment for alcohol lead to less than 5% of people seeking help. She plays a key role in translating the company’s mission of delivering treatment that is aligned to the modern lifestyle. Since launching in Vancouver in 2016, Alavida has expanded throughout most of Canada, and is currently expanding in the USA.

In addition to two Bachelor’s degrees, in Social Communication and Business Administration, she is an International MBA alumni from the IE Business School class of 2014.