Cecilia Xu

Country Manager GCR, Bidalgo (Greater China Region)
Global Executive MBA, IE Business School (2018-19)

Cecilia Xu is passionate about mobile internet advertising industry, has been working in this industry for more than 10 years till 2019, worked in Mobile MSN; First mobile ad network in China: Madhouse; Global No.1 Mobile attribution platform AppsFlyer.

Helping foreign companies enter China market and make it a successful story used to be like an impossible mission, but during 4 years in AppsFlyer, Cecilia established sales team & SDR team from scratch in China Office to gain over 80% market share in GCR area, The journey is very fulfilling, Cecilia enjoyed working closely with Chinese top tier advertisers (All verticals including Gaming, e-commerce, Utilities. Etc.) aiming to help advertisers to get more insights out of data, now Cecilia is putting more endeavours in exploring how to utilize AI & Automation to put more positive impact on mobile ad industry in China.

In order to expand horizon, Cecilia attended IE Business School EMBA (Global Executive MBA), 50% online, 50% offline filled by Workshops organized by IE in Spain & Insper in Sao Paulo & SMU in Singapore & UCLA in the 2018.

Beside hard working in career path, Cecilia also like spending time to explore how can she help more children by providing parenting education solution in China by utilizing her resources and knowledge and would love to spend more time with NGO groups to help children as much as she can.