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Executive MBA

Push your boundaries and your leadership to the next level

duration16 or 20 months
languageEnglish or Spanish
locationOnline & Madrid or 100% Madrid
intakeTwo intakes: September & April
FORMATBlended & In Person
duration16 or 20 months
languageEnglish or Spanish
locationOnline & Madrid or 100% Madrid
intakeTwo intakes: September & April
FORMATBlended & In Person


As the business world evolves at a dizzying pace, what does it take to rise to the top? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, which is why we curate the Executive MBA to help you achieve your unique professional goals. Key to the program is clarifying what you want from your career, where you want to go and what you need to get there; that involves learning to balance making the most of your current competencies with exploring future opportunities – both for you and your business. Throughout the program, you will work alongside an executive coach and a career coach to refine your career goals and create a personalized plan to achieve them.

The individualized guidance is accompanied by a highly practical learning experience that will sharpen the skills you need to succeed at the highest levels of business. Far deeper than theory, the learning experience is about diving into complex, real-world business cases, learning about the best tools to apply to challenges and delivering tangible solutions to stakeholders. It is expertly designed to push you out of your comfort zone and experience transformative moments that optimize the thinking, behavior and digital skills that will make you stand out professionally. At the same time, the program will equip you with the ambidexterity to manage the business demands of the present and the future simultaneously, ensuring you and your organization are built for enduring success. These transformative lessons should endure throughout your career, which is why reflection and integration are pillars of the educational journey. On top of that, the program helps you to forge lasting connections with a network of current and future change-makers.

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The Executive Discovery process is the foundation of your development at IE Business School and beyond. Working with your personal executive coach, you’ll break down the fundamentals of where you’re at in your career and what you want to achieve next, forming a deep understanding of your capabilities, ambitions and objectives that will serve as the basis of your executive career transformation plan. ​

The process is practical as well as analytical. Under the guidance of your executive coach, you’ll put in place the mechanisms and learning experiences needed to help you achieve your goals. This includes activities that expand your professional footprint in a way that’s meaningful to you, such as exposure to top executives from different industries.


As the starting point of a program designed to enhance and futureproof your career, Executive Discovery enables us to ensure we equip you with the right tools and skills to do just that. But an enduring career path is also one that’s underpinned by purpose. We can help you define and refine your vision of what that means to you and ensure it’s aligned with your career objectives. ​

The Executive MBA is the start of a life-changing experience; Executive Discovery ensures it’s designed just for you.

Expert guidance ​

The Executive MBA program offers two coaching streams designed to complement each other in driving your personal and professional development.

Executive Coaching ​

While your career path is uniquely your own, having the expertise of an industry leader to call on is a priceless resource when it comes to achieving your ambitions. We’ll assign you an executive coach who will act as your mentor, gathering 360º feedback from your professors and classmates as they monitor your progress, while sharing the benefit of their insight and experience to help you get to where you want to be.  ​

Career Coaching ​

Your career coach will work with you to form a deep understanding of your strengths, abilities and goals to draw up your unique personal development plan. As you progress through the program, your career coach will be on hand to support your learning journey, and ensure you remain on track to reach your goals, through a series of one-to-one coaching sessions.  ​Career coaching is an optional element of the program, but once paired with your coach, you can request their support whenever you feel you would benefit and as often as you choose.

A lifetime of benefits​

Master classes & vip speaker events

Leaders who join the Executive MBA program at IE Business School understand that personal and professional transformation is an ongoing journey, not a destination. That’s why our commitment to you extends far beyond your graduation. We’ll support you as a lifelong learner by providing exclusive, engaging educational content such as master classes on the topics that matter to you, VIP speaker events, and updates on the latest from the worlds of business, technology and more – all at no additional fee.

Global Alumni Week

Our annual Global Alumni Week ensures that opportunities to connect with top-level global executives and industry leaders continue even after your program has ended, and you’ll have lifetime access to our unparalleled professional network of more than 70,000 alumni worldwide.


We want to see you achieve all of your career goals. That’s why the services offered are available from the moment you enroll, throughout the program and even after graduation. Our Pre-Programs aim to support you from the very first moment of your self-discovery process, expedite your labor-market readiness and help you take full advantage of your professional potential.

Throughout the program, we offer you impactful advising, learning resources and development tools that will help you manage and reach your professional goals. Our employer relations team works tirelessly to generate recruitment opportunities for our community. So, along with your commitment and hard work, we will support every step of your journey towards the next best you.

Here’s how it works: ​

Advising & Education Services

  • One-on-one career coaching to help you navigate your career discovery process, design a solid career strategy and make sure your personal marketing materials (CV, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn) are ready to shine. ​
  • Functional, sectorial, and geographical advising to provide you with market expertise and support your go-to-market plan. ​
  • A Career Success Course, integrated into the academic journey, to provide you with the right structure and training on all career-related matters. ​
  • Ad-hoc career training: bootcamps, assessment centers, interview preparation both for technical and HR and mock exercises.

Employer Relations

  • We continuously host on-campus and virtual international recruitment opportunities in the shape of career fairs, company presentations, coffee chats, on-campus interviews and workshops. ​
  • Networking opportunities through partnering with our main employers, alumni and IE student clubs. ​


  • Top-notch and AI-powered premium career resources and tools to help you navigate each step of the application process, from researching to networking, applying to interviewing, it’s powerful support no matter what the hiring process is! ​
  • Lifelong access to our Career Portal


We've partnered up with AWS Academy to provide our students with access to enroll in Amazon Web Services Academy courses, such as Cloud Foundations and Data Analytics. These courses open the door to AWS Certifications, giving you yet another opportunity to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and unlock your potential.

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What career services are available as part of the Executive MBA?

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Students will have the ability to engage with an optional career coach throughout the duration of the program. Furthermore, our Talent & Careers team includes industry experts who will be able to guide you, whether your goal is to change industries or advance in your career.

How will the Executive MBA impact my career?

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The hands-on nature of the program will enhance your skillset in real time, while also equipping you with the behaviors and mindsets to enable you to progress towards the career goals you define for yourself. Throughout the 16-20 month program, you will be able to leverage the expertise of your classmates and professors, expanding your professional network and boosting your perspective on international business.

Are there opportunities to change career during the program?

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Both the Blended and In-Person formats of the Executive MBA are designed with your progression in mind, meaning they offer the flexibility to change careers at any point throughout the duration, allowing you to take advantage of the guidance of our expert faculty, your executive coach, and the networking opportunities that arise throughout the program. It is common for students to transition into new companies or positions during their studies.

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