Finding the right path for you goes beyond the classroom. A journey of discovery requires curiosity and a sense of adventure – and no city caters to those needs better than Madrid.  ​

Famed for its student-friendly environment, Spain’s capital offers everything you’d expect of a global city with an international outlook. A wealth of bars and restaurants combine with an all-night culture to make for a vibrant nightlife scene, while affordable and efficient public transportation makes it easy to get around. From food to sports to culture, Madrid is the ideal place to indulge your interests and discover new ones. And as a hub for the offices of giants like Apple, Microsoft and Google, there’s no shortage of places to indulge your ambition too.  ​

The Master in Management is an exploration of who you are and who you want to become. Make that journey inside the classroom and out.


The IE Business School campus is more than just a place to study. In the Master in Management, you’ll be joining a unique ecosystem situated in the heart of Madrid’s business district – a cosmopolitan hub that will stimulate your creativity just as much as your work ethic. Offering access to the latest technology and ample spaces to workshop your entrepreneurial vision, our campus has everything you need to explore the career pathways that lay before you.
Outside the classroom, the Campus Life office is the beating heart of your experience, coordinating a huge range of activities to enable you to broaden your personal horizons and discover passions you never knew you had. And with plenty of opportunities for networking, there’s no better way to connect with peers from a diverse range of backgrounds. From taking part in campus TEDx talks to scuba diving in Alicante, with more than 120 student clubs to choose from, there’s an adventure waiting just for you.


It’s our mission to provide you with the opportunities for discovery that help define the best direction for you – then equip you with the tools to get you there. IE’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center is designed to do exactly that, creating a space where you can connect with investors, mentors and a worldwide network of successful entrepreneurs, providing inspiration and know-how in equal measure.  ​

At Area 31, IE’s in-house incubator, you’ll find a dedicated workspace for startups at every stage of development. Whether you’re still honing your entrepreneurial vision or looking for hard-earned experience from the real world, you’ll find the people and the expertise you need to help you turn plans into action.