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The program is designed for mid-career and senior level professionals currently with management responsibilities, or seasoned individual contributors planning to transition into management roles.

The program is grounded in digital tech and in practical innovation methods (design thinking, lean/ scrum, agile…) as drivers of positive transformation and bottom line performance improvement – but technical training and experience are not required. You’ll learn what you need to know at an executive level, to think strategically about how to apply current and emerging technologies to reshape business practices.

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We welcome candidates with diverse academic and professional backgrounds who want to “up-skill” and become the innovators and digital transformers that companies need.

Liquid Learning at IE University

In this new reality, we understand it’s not always possible to attend class in person. That’s why we developed our Liquid Learning approach, which seamlessly adapts to individual needs and provides equal access to world-class education—whether on campus or online wherever you are.

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