Dual Degree in Business Administration + Design

Boost businesses with design
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The Dual Degree in Business Administration & Design

Creative and analytical, and want to shake up traditional businesses by coming up with human-centered solutions.


A hands-on program that prepares you to come up with strategic business solutions and practical solutions to complex problems by merging the corporate world with a profound understanding of how products and humans work.

  • an innovator manager
  • a strategy and innovation consultant
  • a creative officer
  • a user experience designer
  • a customer experience researcher
  • a business (model) designer
  • a brand strategist
The Dual Degree in Business Administration and Design is a demanding program for creative individuals with a passion for innovation and business, looking to produce lasting value within the corporate world. Embark on a unique learning journey where you harness the power of future-forward design, develop unparalleled business knowledge, and gain real-world, hands-on experience. This one-of-a-kind blended degree has been specially designed to provide a creative, multidisciplinary, and interconnected approach to business administration and design, equipping you with the complete skill set to become a future global leader. You will work closely with IE Business School and IE School of Architecture & Design to integrate core components of design and management as you explore cutting-edge perspectives on traditional business. This will cover key aspects such as how it operates and the role of design in the corporate world.

**Students who complete a Dual Degree at IE University receive two undergraduate diplomas upon graduation. Both programs are fully compliant with the Bologna Process and accredited by the Spanish Government and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Undergraduate Degrees


5 years




Segovia and Madrid



Mode of Study




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You will study the Dual Degree in Business Administration & Design in Segovia and Madrid. You will spend the first two years at the campus in Segovia, before moving to Madrid for year three, four and five.

Location - 2 years in Segovia + 3 years in Madrid | IE University

Fact Sheet


Dual Program in Business Administration and Design

Bachelor in Business Administration and Bachelor in Design


5 years



Centres of study and Number of places

Centro de Estudios Superiores IE (Madrid)

Bachelor in Business Administration – 500 places

Bachelor in Design – 60 places

Facultad de Ciencias Humanas, Sociales y de Comunicación (Segovia)

Bachelor in Business Administration – 200 places

Escuela Técnica Superior de Estudios Integrados de Arquitectura (Segovia)

Bachelor in Design – 60 places


Total number of credits: 480 (240 + 240) ECTS*

Distribution of credits and subjects**:

Core subjects – 120 ECTS

Mandatory subjects – 243 ECTS

Elective subjects – 90 ECTS

Final Project – 27 ECTS

Area of knowledge

Economic Sciences, Business Administration, Marketing, Trade, Accounting and Tourism

Cultural Industries:  Design, Animation, Cinematography and Audiovisual Production

Teaching methodology


Spanish ministry’s registry of universities, centres and degrees


Assurance agency

ACSUCYL*** – Buscador Títulos Oficiales


*European Credit Transfer System

**The character of the subjects is defined by the Spanish legislation

***Quality Assurance Agency for the University System in Castilla y León




It goes without saying that all of an organization’s products and services should be focused on what people need—they are the ultimate driving force behind any business. Research demonstrates that a considerable amount of companies don’t communicate with their end-users when developing a product or service. Additionally, a large majority have no concrete method in place for setting targets with their design teams. If customer insights are neglected, then designers have little to work with. Therefore, if companies truly want to put consumers first, they need to place designers at the heart of their decision making.


Nowadays, design is a mindset, a way of thinking, a creative process. And the DNA of this process is identifying what the people are searching for. You must first step into their shoes, identify and understand their wants, needs, and expectations. With these insights, you can design, develop, and test a product or service to fill this gap—a solution that both meets and exceeds people’s desires. IE University’s next-level facilities enable you to fully explore your creative side through hands-on, practical learning in our Fab Lab and Design Studio.
This dual degree will encourage you to use both your curious and creative side, and your entrepreneurial and analytical side to drive business success. Combining a design mindset with a developed business acumen will enable you to spot business opportunities, come up with innovative ideas, and ultimately make a long-lasting impact on business results.


Effective design can express and promote a brand’s image and philosophy without the need for words, reassuring customers throughout the whole buying journey. Additionally, on an emotional level, people connect with visual imagery—it draws people towards brands and ultimately boosts customer loyalty. Therefore, a good design results in increased satisfaction and sales, which leads to revenue and business growth. The desire for creative solutions also forces businesses to grow internally, improving operations and efficiency.

As well as this, when applied well, design can completely transform and revolutionize customer experience and add value to people’s lives. Functional products and services can make people’s lives easier in countless ways, so combining future-forward design skills with business acumen will keep you one step ahead of the game.


This one-of-a-kind dual degree seamlessly intertwines business administration and design to provide you with a unique learning journey throughout which you will develop your critical, analytical, and innovative thinking. The course strikes the perfect balance between theoretical and practical knowledge, complemented by real-life case studies to put this acquired expertise into practice. With access to our state-of-the-art facilities, including the Fab Lab and Design Studio, you will be able to put all the knowledge you have acquired throughout the course into practice. These dynamic spaces allow you to roll up your sleeves and use your hands to think, learn, explore, and grow.

Get ready to develop your leadership and managerial skills and enhance your ability to think creatively and produce novel ideas, differentiating yourself as a multidisciplinary individual in a competitive job market and setting you on the right foot to begin a successful and long-lasting professional career.


Our students represent the best of who we are. Discover their IE University experience.

Sergio Nuhrmann

Originally born in South Africa, Sergio Nuhrmann comes from a highly international background. Having lived in Angola, Mexico, and Portugal, he originally fell in love with Spain after spending time traveling around the country and exploring its rich culture and people. Sergio was able to put his productivity and time-management skills to the test while playing professional soccer for Real Madrid. Balancing his studies with this significant commitment enabled him to prove his ability to balance his workload, and it’s something he continues to strive for. He still relishes the chance to work together as a team when playing soccer with his friends or practicing CrossFit, where he finds great satisfaction helping people of all abilities come together to succeed as a team.

Sergio's IEU experience

Maria Jose Heshiki de las Casas

Maria Jose is used to living in international environments. Starting the Bachelor in Design at the Segovia campus has enabled her to make close ties with the tight-knit international student body and faculty members on campus, and then move to Madrid for a new exciting experience. She is head of PR for the Debate Club and works on design elements for the student-run newspaper The Stork, allowing her to grow and evolve as a designer.

Maria Jose's story

Olimpia López

Olimpia was born in Barcelona, but spent the first four years of her life living on a boat. She then moved to Madrid, and spent all of her summers, until she was 14 years old, sailing around the Mediterranean and competing in numerous sailing championships. Since she began studying at IE University, Olimpia has discovered many other passions such as online gaming (e-sports)—a field in which she will start an internship with a club in January—, playing rugby at the Olímpico de Pozuelo Club, and surfing, which has led her to create IE’s very own Surf Club.

Learn more about Olimpia
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