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Bin Ma

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I was born and raised in China, and spent ten years in New York before coming to Madrid, and IE University. My academic training covered economics, law, science, engineering and business administration. I worked at universities in China and the US as a behavioral scientist and business-school educator. My research is focused on leadership, with a particular emphasis on behavioral ethics, entrepreneurship and innovation. I also co-founded and ran an international trade company, gaining both an entrepreneurial perspective and a passion for leadership in business management.

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case2Professor of Leadership and Academic Director, IE China Center

"The key to success is knowing what you want, setting goals and working until you achieve them."

Bin Ma

Finding your passion as the pathway to success

Bin Ma fulfills two roles at IE University, combining his full-time teaching with serving as the academic director of IE China Center—a research center with a focus on the Chinese economy and business practices. A varied academic background saw him working both in China and the United States before coming to Spain. The time has been well spent, with Bin saying that the years he spent in New York City transformed him into a global citizen, inspiring him to expand his horizons and, in turn, move to Europe.

His travels have given him an understanding of cultural differences and an ability to work in a diverse environment, qualities he believes are critical in the modern world. This, he says, is exactly what IE University’s ecosystem provides for faculty and students alike. And as a result, he feels inspired by his colleagues and his students on a daily basis!

That humanistic attitude certainly comes across in his teaching. Bin’s Organizational Behavior course focuses on the “people” part of organizations, equipping students to understand, predict and motivate behavior in the workplace. These qualities are, he says, fundamental for future leaders.

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Away from the classroom, and when he has time, Bin enjoys hiking and immersing himself in nature. He also designs jewelry from time to time, finding relaxation and mental balance in the activity. Asked to define success, Bin believes such a definition very much depends on each person and their individual passion. In a world where students are constantly encouraged to achieve success, he says that once they find true passion and meaning in their lives, the motivation to work hard will follow quickly behind it.

Bin’s passion and humanistic approach is evident in his view of business. He strongly believes that business leaders are playing increasingly critical roles in strategic decision-making, and having a larger impact. So for him, business education is not only about how to run a business successfully. It is, more importantly, about encouraging and shaping the next generation of business leaders.

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"I believe it is critical to understand cultural differences and to be able to work in a diverse environment, which is exactly what IE University provides for both its professors and students."

Bin Ma