Why do a Dual Degree?

With a Dual Degree, you are proactively positioning yourself to stand on the threshold of two worlds, demonstrating a capacity for multiple lines of thinking, problem solving, and framing that will help you to have a measurable impact on your ability to make a contribution in your future profession. Some advantages of doing a Dual Degree include:

Versatility and Flexibility

Highlight the ability to take on different projects as dual degree students are not limited to solely one field


  • Fast-track a career path in the chosen function based on management knowledge
  • Maximize the postgraduate experience by acquiring a range of managerial skills and field-specific knowledge
  • Increase salary potential based on diversified skills


Expand global network of diverse classmates and professors

Who is a Dual Degree for?

Dual Degrees at IE are suitable for highly motivated students that have clear career plans and want to build a stronger skill-set in a specific area while developing the leadership and management skills that will enable them to do more with their specialized knowledge.

Master in Management + Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication

We live in a fast-changing environment where companies are in continuous transformation as they merge, de-merge and new ventures are created. The digital media revolution has created new corporate challenges, forcing companies to reinvent the way they operate. In this landscape, organizations need to:

  1. Be ready to rapidly adapt to the latest trends
  2. Magnify their reputation and brand
  3. Create value and cultivate relationships with offline and online stakeholders

If you want to learn about the latest trends in internal and external communication, reputation, crisis management, marketing communications, strategy and digital communication, and at the same time obtain a 360º managerial vision of international companies and organizations, the Dual Degree Master in Management + Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication is the right program for you. This combined program will prepare you to increase corporate value in today’s complex digital world through management and communication strategy.