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Duration15 months
IntakesSeptember and April
Periods in Madrid3 weeks
Weekends in Madrid7
Optional Weeks2
Duration15 months
IntakesSeptember and April
Periods in Madrid3 weeks
Weekends in Madrid7
Optional Weeks2

Your career is your business

Invest in yourself and gain the necessary tools, knowledge and skills that will transform your career.

Transform your professional career

Prepare for future challenges within your company by increasing your business acumen and growing your global professional network. 

A view from the top

Attain a global view of business through exposure to new industries, diverse cultures and innovative ways of leading top organizations.

An international perspective

Develop lifelong bonds with top professionals from diverse backgrounds drawing on vast experiences across a wide range of industries.

An innovative learning approach

The highly acclaimed Blended methodology employed is not only innovative, but also reflective of real-time professional environments.

A strong network tailored to your needs


They will guide you, teach you, learn from you and become part of your network for life .


Become part of the IE Community for life. Connect with over 45,000 alumni living all over the world.


Our faculty consists of academic experts that bring intellectual diversity and different perspectives of business to the classroom.

Aim higher, reach the top

“It’s like giving a boost to your career, like having this feeling when you first graduated that everything is possible, well give yourself the opportunity to make everything possible… again” Yannick St. Germain (Executive MBA alumnus).

The change begins with you

Professional development is closely linked to your personal evolution. At IE Business School we provide the best tools and help you develop managerial skills that will deliver different global views, critical thinking and an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

Learn what is not taught

Managers are no longer only expected to possess the technical knowledge to be great decision-makers, but rather are required to have developed the necessary soft skills that will allow them to succeed. Resources such as leadership, strategic thinking, and team management are part of the requirements of a modern leader. Not only do the results matter, but how you have obtained them. The IE Executive MBA works on this set of skills to help evolve your career to senior management positions.

A long lasting impact on your professional career

In an uncertain and dynamic environment it is difficult to plan career changes. With that, the Career Management Center advises students throughout the program on how to mold their professional ambitions into a personal brand. This is materialized into a unique curriculum, a coherent online presence and advice for how to cultivate the appropriate network.

Start your own business

IE is strongly committed to supporting students and alumni in developing entrepreneurial projects, from the conception of a business opportunity to its implementation as a new venture. The IE Executive MBA provides an overview of the entrepreneurial process focusing on what is needed to convert opportunities into ventures.

Ubiquitous & innovative learning

Today the world is at a frantic pace and education must adapt. IE caters to professionals’ schedules allowing them to hone their skills without limitations while anywhere in the world.


We have developed mobile apps allowing you to access content and the Virtual Campus, simplifying the connection between students and IE Business School and giving you the freedom to learn anytime.


In 2000, IE launched the first online MBA in Europe. This innovative program has been recognized by the academic community through numerous international awards, is renowned as a point of reference and a pioneer of the blended methodology.



Using multimedia materials (simulations, games, tutorials …) our professors teach using the same highly acclaimed practical approach of our full-time programs. These materials increase the commitment, interest and motivation of students.

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What they’re saying about the Executive MBA

Stephane Ketcha Yanga

Unaids – Regional ICT Coordinator

“What makes the program so special is the fact that we are all here because we are ready for the next step in our personal and professional path… I am sure that most of us will stay connected for a long time after we finish. Once we have started this brotherhood and friendship relationship, we look after each other as long as needed and beyond “.

Shannon Sun Sun Tan

Nanyang Technological University – Deputy Director-Financial Planning

“The program is like a big pot of spanish paella, where the cherry picked high achievers and leaders from a wide spectrum of professions and cultural backgrounds come together from around the globe, gathering under one roof, to learn from each other, cracking brains and exchanging ideas as a team to complete countless challenging assignments”.


IE Business School is recognized as one of the best schools in the world by international rankings as those published by Financial Times, Business Week, Forbes, The Economist, Aspen Institute or América Economía.