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10th MIM Challenge Has Students Helping Communities

10th MIM Challenge Has Students Helping Communities | IE Business School

Students help underprivileged children in this edition of MIM challenge.

Students from the Master in Management from IE Business School held the 10th edition of the MIM Challenge in collaboration with Splash Projects, with students breaking into work groups to address challenges for different communities in need in the Madrid area.

Every year, the MIM Challenge sees students construct new community spaces including gardens, playgrounds, and children’s areas for schools, community groups, or families in need or undertake projects and events for the disadvantaged. Last year MIM students Built Roop Top Garden at an elderly home.

10th MIM Challenge Has Students Helping Communities | IE Business SchoolFor this year’s edition, a group of MIM students built wooden benches to donate for underprivileged children, while another group played games with 25 disadvantaged children from the shanty town Cañada Real. All of the Challenge activities give MIM students a view of the world from a different perspective

The IE MIM Challenge Leadership Team is composed of 10 students who plan, execute and complete every aspect of the challenge: budgeting, planning, marketing, communications, media, liaise with stakeholders, find sponsorship, raise funds and measure the MIM Challenge’s overall success, among other aspects.

Desire Lopez, Master in Management Coordinator, said the MIM Challenge enhances the students’ understanding of the world around them.

“The experience helps to reinforce IE Business School as a world leader by reinforcing that students can make a difference and have a real impact on the local community and demonstrating how businesses can live out the SDGs so when students leave the MIM program they can make a difference and encourage others in their workplace to do the same,” said Lopez.

Participants said the projects and events for disadvantaged children inspired them to take on new interests and experiences and to value the significance of community work.

“Seeing the smiles on the faces of the children as well as our colleagues made us feel we finally succeeded in our mission.”
Deepika Madhu, MIM Challenge Leadership