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2016 GXMBA Alumni Create Thought Leadership Weekend in Madrid

For the first time ever, the Global Executive Master in Business Administration program (GXMBA) alumni created their own reunion in Madrid, tapping into IE Business School resources to construct a weekend of thought leadership and networking.

The event took place on the Madrid campus, with 25% of the 2016 class showing up and more than half of them flying in from around the globe. The weekend concluded with a brunch on Sunday morning at the Bless Hotel.

“It was the first time that a group of alumni reached out to us and I think that is an amazing thing,” said Marianne Ribert.

“It was the first time that a group of alumni reached out to us and I think that is an amazing thing,” said Marianne Ribert the Executive Director of the Global Executive Master in Business Administration. “I am very honored that they took the time to reach out and offer us the opportunity to get involved.”

The weekend included lectures on select topics by the some of the alumni’s favorite professors, sharing ideas on current and the upcoming global business scenario.

The four sessions included:

  • New Multinationals and the Lessons Learned with Professor Edgar Mayoral,
  • Smart Customer Management with Professor Ignacio Gafo,
  • Leadership in a Self-Management Era with Professor Rocío Bonet,
  • The Next SCM Generation (SCM 4.0) Management Challenges with Professor Luis Solis.

“The focus of their encounter was that they wanted to keep learning. This wasn’t a request for a cocktail and a cultural visit. They got us involved because they appreciated the knowledge they had gotten from the program, and they wanted more. As an educational institution, I don’t think you can get higher praise than that,” also said Ribert.

After registration and a welcome from Ribert, the day kicked off with Globalization 4.0 new Multi Nationals, covering issues surrounding the new entrants into the multi-national “Champions league” from digital and emerging economies. The session also brought up issues of how value chains are becoming more regional, as well as how the next generation of technologies is likely to accelerate the shift from goods to service and data flows.

Dean Martin Boehm addressed the alumni and commended them for the alumni weekend initiative. Dean Boehm briefed them of the ongoing networking initiatives for the IE Business School alumni community.

“We are setting up satellite events around the world,” Boehm said.“The last one took place in Medellin, Colombia. We are also working on building an online platform where all of our alumni can meet and engage, connect and exchange ideas.”

“It has exceeded my expectations,” said Noelia Tamargo.

Attendees said the event proved fruitful.

“It has exceeded my expectations,” said Noelia Tamargo (Oct. 2016 intake), who now lives in Singapore, said.“It has been great to reconnect with the people again and also the lectures we have had were very interesting.”

Highlighting the significance of such an event, Valerii Muratov from Ukraine of GXMBA October 2016 intake said, “We are a business school and it is important to maintain the relationships and sharing. Everyone is involved in something and everyone has experience and knowledge. We help each other by sharing our experiences.”

For many, like Britt Peemoller—who flew in from Miami—the reunion was a natural follow-up to their IE experience.

“I think that when we made the commitment to come to IE and to do the MBA, we weren’t just looking for a degree,” said Peemoller (Oct. 2016 intake).“I think we were looking for an opportunity to build on that moment. To continue taking advantage of the value of the community that we have built, the connections that we have made and the people that we trust so much that we see each other as a true family.”

IE Business School Engagement Officer Zayne Imam said he is eager to facilitate these kinds of alumni-led events.

“This is the type of initiative that we are willing and wanting to support,” Imam said. “It is a great opportunity to show to the alumni community that IE is willing to throw their weight behind such initiatives by alumni.”