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Boost Digital Learning during times of travel restrictions!

09 /03 /2020
Digital Learning | IE Business School

Upskilling people during digital transformations and developing resilient leaders at times of uncertainty and complexity is on the agenda of CEO’s around the world. Research among CEO’s shows that the lack of important future skills is hurting business performance. Also unfortunately, the corona outbreak has a direct impact on the bottom line of many companies. Consequently, many companies are forced to restrict travel and have to find different ways to continue building people capabilities in the most effective and efficient way.

Prof. Dr. Nick van Dam
IE Chief Learning Officer and Director IE Center for Corporate Learning Innovation.

This is the third time in the 21st century that companies are faced with a challenging economic environment globally. At the first economic recession following 9/11, many companies put a hold on almost all people development initiatives as they did as well during the great recession in 2008.

Today, the world of people development will not be as strongly impacted as before. Over the last 20 years, many companies have built strong digital learning capabilities in collaboration with partners like IE University. For example, an estimate of 40% of all formal learning is delivered through digital methods in leading companies.

Digital learning and collaborating can be delivered through different methods including: live virtual classrooms, webinars, massive online open courses (MOOCS) as well was company specific open online courses (SPOCS), video-based instruction, self-paced digital learning, online games, simulations, online learning forums, virtual reality, online performance support and online collaborating and sharing platforms.

IE has been recognized as a leader in blended and digital learning as we have been developing and launching sophistic learning technologies and advancing our learning pedagogy for the last 25 years.

our digital learning solutions

It is very exciting that we can provide our students and executives globally with high impact learning that will help them to continue build their competences at the speed of business.

  • WOW Room | IE Business School

    WOW Room: Our Live Virtual Classroom

    The WOW (Window on the World) room is a physical space located on IE’s Madrid Campus with 48 screens. Professors will present live in front of students and executives from around the world who can see each other and collaborate in this top-end virtual classroom. The Wow Room is using artificial intelligence and big data analyses on large screens and professors receive student participation statistics that they use to advance the learning experience.

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  • IE’s Global Online MBA Ranked No. 5 Worldwide | IE Business School

    Our Top Ranked Online and Blended Degree Programs

    All our master programs leverage technology solutions to support a blended learning experience. IE Business School’s Online MBA has been ranked # 2 worldwide in 2020 by The Financial Times.

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  • Online Learning Journeys

    Online learning journeys are structured from hand-picked resources that include a variety of learning materials including: interactive tutorials, videos, expert interviews, articles on the latest tendencies, podcasts, quizzes, etc. They have been designed by IE professors and provide approximately four to six hours of individual and flexible, self-paced study per journey. Examples of titles: Leading Digital Transformation in Organizations and Industries, Data Science Machine Learning and AI, and Leadership in Times of Volatility and Uncertainty.

  • Leadership in a digital world

    High Impact Online Programs (HIOPS)

    IE is offering Online Open Enrollment programs that are personalized and flexible learning for 5 days of weeks (on average 8 hours a week). A lot of external learning resources are used and provide a highly interactive learning environment enabled by analytics. Examples of programs include: Digital Strategies for Business Innovation for Growth and Leadership and Strategy in the Age of Disruption.

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  • Digital Learning Resources

    IE has developed about 600 Award winning multimedia case studies, games, simulations and tutorials. Examples: case: IKEA Global Brand Communication and Purchases Sales Simulator.


We deliver monthly webinars and publish articles that feature the latest insights on innovations in learning and leadership development.

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