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Chasing Unicorns Through User Experience

Chasing Unicorns Through User Experience | IE Business School

Masterclass “How Good UX Can Turn Companies Into Unicorns” offers sneak peek at new online program.

Professor Pedro Moreno explained how a great app and website can be crucial in turning any company into a billion dollar gem at IE Exponential Learning’s latest online masterclass “How Good UX Can Turn Companies Into Unicorns.”

The one hour lesson provided participants with a glimpse of a new Executive Education online program at IE Business School called Marketing Digital, Redes Sociales y analitica: Una estrategia Omnicanal.

“UX is based on cognitive technology,” said Moreno.

“It is about relating design to how humans perceive the world.”

Pedro Moreno

Moreno’s lesson touched on subjects ranging from user engagement, retention and self perpetuation to the use of brand ambassadors amongst many others. The understanding and proper implementation of these in a strategy, he argued, are key in turning companies into unicorns, private start up companies worth over one billion dollars.

“We must keep in consideration that the world is embarking on a digital transformation,” said Moreno. “This transformation is majorly accessed by users through apps in mobile devices or smartphones.”

The subjects discussed during the masterclass provided a sneak peek into what will be dealt with more thoroughly during the online program which runs Nov. 13-Dic. 10.

“It’s fundamental to work with UX when it comes to business growth,” said Almudena Diaz Vidal, Associate Director of Executive Programs at IE Business School “Everyone should keep it in mind when drawing the commercial strategy of one’s business.”