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Consulting Club continues to prepare students for the consulting world

Consulting Club | IE Business School

IE Blueprint Award winning Consulting Club kicks off the year with Crack the Case and Consulting Bootcamp.

Hot on the heels of winning the IE Blueprint Award, the IE Consulting Club has kicked off the semester with two of its most popular event series– Consulting Bootcamp and Crack the Case– and expanded its activities to include a new mentorship program.

The club added the mentorship program, a year-long program with training sessions and networking events, aimed at providing personalized advice and guidance to mentees. The program currently has 17 mentors consisting of IE students and alumni and over 30 mentees.

“By organizing initiatives like these we encourage not only alumni to come back and engage in our activities, but also make sure that those who are current students be more active and participate more in our activities,” said co-president Esteban Arimany.

In addition to the new program, the club will continue with its widely known staple events, designed to help students familiarize themselves with the consulting world.

Crack the Case divides participants into teams and tasks them with solving real cases from the consulting world and is held every Monday. The Consulting Bootcamp, held every other week, provides students training in interview skills specific to consulting.

“Crack the Case and Consulting Bootcamp are part of the skill development pillar and help our members prepare for case interviews, which is arguably the most important component of an interview at a consulting company,” said Mark Vaisberg, IMBA candidate who leads Crack the Case sessions.

“Learning how to do cases requires a lot of practice and preparation, that is why we have Crack the Case and the Bootcamp.”

Mark Vaisberg

The first case presented this semester focused on a company that wanted to make an investment to grow their sales. Students sought a solution by looking at the company background and comparing different product lines to identify which one had the most potential. Participants then identified opportunities and risks and provided recommendations to move forward.

Later this year, the club will also host the second edition of the Global Innovation Challenge, a case competition for graduate students from top business schools. The first edition held in 2019 was the first real case competition at the university, which had students work on improving Sephora’s customer experience through innovation and creativity.

IE Campus Life awarded the Consulting Club the IE Blueprint Award in July, as the club that has most left its mark on IE. Campus Life and students praise the club for offering IE Business School students consulting experience and lucrative opportunities with companies. At the Club Awards they were also awarded Best Professional Club for their professionalism and long-term goals.

The Consulting Club has set a fast pace for successful online events and said they will continue to hold events virtually because the online format enables a wide range of people to participate.

“The club has strong community engagement and holds events regularly,” said Lynn Yates, Coordinator of Student Affairs at Campus Life. “The Consulting Club is an amazing opportunity to get yourself out there.”