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Fast Track to Venture Lab: Insurtech Edition

Fast Track to Venture Lab: Insurtech Edition | IE Business School

Students and alumni don’t have to have a team or an idea to develop to participate.

IE Business School is preparing its first Fast Track to Venture Lab program, focused on the Insurtech sector and sponsored by Mapfre, offering students and alumni this competitive advantage.

The winners will be offered to join the Mapfre’s Accelerator, in which participants compete for the opportunity to receive 30,000 euros in order to launch their start-up.

This program sparks and identifies innovation or disruptive proposals to reinvent the insurance industry. The finalist teams are then invited to join a specialized Venture Lab program called Venture Lab-Insurtech Edition.

“This is unlike any program we have offered before and it is quite different to the usual Venture Lab program where to apply you must have a team of at least 2 people and up to 4 people, and you must already have an idea that you plan to develop/validate in the Venture Lab.”

Allison Rohe, Director of the program

“In the Insurtech Edition, teams will be guided and facilitated in ideating an opportunity that would fall within the challenge we will present to them in the insurance industry,” added Rohe.

Fast Track has never been sponsored by a major company, providing participants with a unique real-world advantage with a leading Spanish multinational eager to identify talent.

The program is targeted at anyone who might be interested in pursuing a career based on entrepreneurship, yet might not necessarily have the concrete ideas or teams necessary to create a start-up.

“We have never offered such a robust, corporate-sponsored program to our alumni.”

Allison Rohe

“Participants will have a certified way to demonstrate to employers they possess the hard and soft skills they seek in innovative candidates, but they find so difficult to identify in hiring processes,” Rohe said.

Rohe highlighted the unique practical knowledge participants will gain, without the added pressure of having a team in place beforehand.

“I expect them to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, and at best, I expect them to identify a problem-solution fit that they can then build upon after Venture Lab to develop into a business as they work towards product-market fit and growth,” explained Rohe.