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Getting a Competitive Edge Through Salary Negotiation

Competitive Edge Through Salary Negotiation | IE Business School

The Women in Business Club creates the second edition of a salary negotiation workshop.

The Women In Business Club, set up a workshop that destigmatized salary negotiations by teaching IE Business School students how to think, plan and communicate to get the best deal possible.

Following the success of the first workshop, the club organized a second edition, recognizing the urgency of teaching these skills to students who are soon finishing their masters degrees.

“I decided to come because I think it is a crucial skill to have once we finish our studies,” said Javier Bueno, International MBA student.

“Knowing how to negotiate your salary will impact your next and all future salaries.”

Javier Bueno, International MBA student

The workshop was carried out by Claire-Marine Varin, an Executive search professional and International MBA student at IE, who’s had years of experience teaching individuals on this subject.

“I wanted to do my part to help members of the IE community feel confident facing salary conversations,” Varin said. “I also wanted to normalize the idea that you can negotiate a salary. Our first event had 30 attendees and yet only 4 people had previously negotiated their salaries.”

According to Varin, this is an issue that highly impacts the pay gap that exists between men and women. She highlighted that only 12.5% of women negotiate their starting salary as opposed to 52% of men, according to a recent study conducted by the World Economic Forum.

The event which lasted about one hour, taking place in the IE Velazquez campus, covered all factors to be considered during a salary negotiation. Varin touched on what a full package includes and how to make sure one is able to keep it in mind when negotiating for a salary or a raise.

“When it comes to a job you’re not just negotiating a salary, you’re negotiating a lifestyle. It’s your career and opportunities,” Varin said. “Ask yourself, what is it that you want out of life and is this company really gonna offer it to you?”

She was also able to ease some of the fears that come with this topic, explaining it is illegal in most countries for an offer to be taken away just because one tried to negotiate it.