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Graduate Business Forum Recognizes IE Students at 2019 Leadership Awards


The 2019 Graduate Business Forum global conference (GBC2019) in Paris’ ESCP awarded IE MBA students for the success of their IE Big Data Club.

The 2019 Student and Responsible Leadership Awards held by the Graduate Business Forum (GBF) recognized IE MBA students Antoine Moyroud and Abhyudaya Choumal, among 100 student government leaders from 75 global business schools, for their contributions to the areas of responsible leadership, sustainability and global citizenship.

The Forum attributed them top honors for their success in leading the largest and most engaged IE Club (the IE Big Data Club) and the TechIE conference, which promotes weekly conferences with renowned speakers and practical workshops for students. With its over 2800 members, the Club demonstrated its commitment to make of education the driving channel for innovation and positive change.

graduate_business_forum_conferenceOther awards and acknowledgements were bestowed to MBA students from Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, University of Toronto Rotman School of Management, National University of Singapore (NUS), Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Washington University Olin Business School. Projects ranged from a School cohort system developed by Cornell, to a responsible shipping recycling program in India by CBS, highlighting the need to share global ideas on sustainable programs within Schools and foster a common effort to responsible innovation.

“These students are true exemplars and role models for global Business School students and communities on how vision, tenacity, creativity in approach and definite leadership can make a real difference. […] Our global community of change-makers will continue to support these finalists and their causes in the future,” exhorted Jim Deveau, GBF Founder.

The GBF is a global educational non-profit established in 1983 with the goal of developing a network of student and alumni leaders to promote responsible leadership and global citizenship, while driving positive change in management education, business and society. Every year, it holds the Student Leadership and Responsible Leadership Awards to recognize the contributions of individual students to enrich their schools and communities.