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IE Business School, 2nd business school in the world for online MBA programs in Financial Times ranking

MBA Programs - Financial Times Ranking | IE Business School

For the third consecutive year, the Financial Times has placed IE Business School second in its 2020 Ranking of Online MBA Programs.

IE Business School’s international position is consolidated through its Global Online MBA, a 17-month program delivered in English, with participants with more than 50 nationalities. This year, the Financial Times ranking highlights IE Business School’s Global MBA as the world’s first online MBA with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Some 91% of students in IE’s Global Online MBA are international and more than 30% are women, and it combines online education with face-to-face sessions, videoconferences and discussion forums in a globalized and digital environment. Among the key factors the Financial Times considers for this ranking are student profiles, their career path, academic experience, diversity, and faculty.

“The Global Online MBA trains men and women to lead businesses at the highest international levels.”

“The Global Online MBA trains men and women to lead businesses at the highest international levels. To this end, we promote diversity of nationalities, profiles, and sectors among both students and faculty. Students work online and face-to-face, and travel to the United States, Brazil, Singapore, and Spain to prepare for global environments and learnfirst-hand about international management while improving their skills as business leaders,” said Ignacio Gafo, Vice Dean of Global & Executive MBA Programs at IE Business School.

As part of its blended portfolio, IE Business School offers a number of programs in addition to the Global Online MBA, including the Executive MBA, and the IE SMU MBA, the latter being a 13-month program focused on business strategies in the Asia-Pacific region, delivered jointly with Singapore Management University. In addition, IE Business School offers the IE Brown Executive MBA, with Brown University, an Ivy League university, which combines IE’s experience and prestige in management with Brown’s excellence in the humanities and social sciences. IE Business School also offers the Global Executive MBA for senior executives that blends classroom sessions in Madrid, London, Singapore, and Los Angeles.

IE Business School is a European pioneer in online education, having launched its first courses in 2001. Since then, more than 10,000 students have been trained using its blended methodology. In 2016, IE launched the WOW Room, the first classroom of the future in Europe, which uses artificial intelligence, simulations, big data, robots and holograms, among other resources. IE’s ongoing goal is for all its students to transform their training experience through technological immersion projects.

IE Business School has invested more than €25 million over the last 15 years in innovation projects applied to education. IE Business School plans to double that figure and invest a further €50 million over the next five years. Likewise, by 2023 all IE students will use WOW Room and will be trained in areas such as artificial intelligence applied to business, blockchain, coding, fintech, and crypto-currencies such as #IEToken.