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IE Business Student Awarded McKinsey Achievement Award

IE Business Student Awarded McKinsey Achievement Award

IMBA Candidate Anastasiia Paevskaia among recipients of 2020 McKinsey Award.

IE Business School student Anastasiia Paevskaia was among the recipients of the 2020 McKinsey Achievement Award. This award by McKinsey aims at recognizing and supporting talented individuals that may be underrepresented in leadership roles. The awardees received $2,500 to support their studies or professional pursuit and a one-on-one mentorship from a McKinsey consultant. Paevskaia is currently studying the International MBA and a Master of Law.

“By the time I was applying to the IMBA program at IE, my postgraduate plans had already been clear. I aimed to put myself in a place where everything breathes entrepreneurship. I wanted to study at the best business school with an entrepreneurial focus. So far I have never regretted my choice. IE challenges you every day, shaping your professionalism and directing towards your goals.”

Anastasiia Paevskaia

Paevskaia is President of IE Entrepreneurship Club and IE Russian Connection Club. She has also been involved in the IE Venture Lab.

“IE has great core subjects related to entrepreneurship and a set of labs for startup acceleration. Frankly speaking, this motivates you a lot to show better results and to feel your personal responsibility for the future of your startup,” stated Paevskaia about the Venture Lab.

Interested in improving the lives of people from underprivileged communities, Paevskaia founded the social impact project MustBeUs, a volunteer-tech platform that matches volunteers with volunteer organisations.

“I feel that we can bring tremendous benefits to many people through this project, and it’s good to know that I am in the perfect place to turn all my entrepreneurship social impact goals into the reality,” said Paevskaia.