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IE Campus Life celebrates the Club Awards

IE Campus Life celebrates the Club Awards | IE Business School

Campus Life honored the work of the most successful IE Clubs in the IE community.

IE Club Awards | IE Business School

With a celebratory awards event, IE Campus Life thanked all IE Club members for their involvement and dedication in elevating the IE Club experience to a well-rounded network of students and professionals, committed to highlighting their preferred industries and sectors.

Campus Life honored the work of the 114 clubs present at IE and over 12 thousand club members, trumpeting their accomplishments in organizing 1400 events with over 32 thousand attendees, 600 speakers and 61 supporting companies just this year.

“Every year I see more and more involvement and engagement. All of us add a little bit of what makes this amazing community that is IE. That is the IE Blueprint,” said Director of Campus Life Juliana Pereira.

The five IE Club Awards and there winners were:

  1. The Event of the Year Award: The IE Sailing Club with their Winter Regatta Event.
  2. The Collaboration Award: The IE Big Data Club.
  3. The Comeback Club Award: The IE E-commerce Club.
  4. The Social Innovation Challenge Award: The IE Net Impact Club.
  5. The IE Blueprint Award: The IE Consulting Club.

IE Campus Life | IE Business School

IE Out and Allies Club earned a special mention for the best OUTsourcing, which brought a record-breaking €24,000 in sponsorship for its upcoming event LGBT@Work. The IE Public Speaking Club also landed a special mention as the Most Charismatic Club for repeatedly bringing people together.

The Social Innovation Challenge Award, which was handed out by the IE Social Innovation Center in collaboration with IE Foundation and IE Exponential Learning,  granted an important award to the first club that was able to reach 50 points during the Clubs Challenge. This award grants one club the right to automatically unlock a scholarship opportunity for a refugee in Spain.

“Thank you to each one of you for all the social impact you do on campus,” said the Director of the IE Social Innovation Center Conchita Galdón.

“Through your collaboration and engagement, you have been able to give someone else a possibility in IE, giving life to a legacy.”

IE Clubs in the IE community | IE Business School

As collaborator of several student-led projects and events this year, such as the Global Innovation Challenge in collaboration with Sephora, Abhyudaya Choumal graced the stage twice for two different prizes and was recognized as a strong advocate for clubs.

“Being the president of the Consulting Club and the Big Data Club awakened my entrepreneurial spirit. I was allowed to take risks and see my ideas come into fruition in a safe environment,” Choumal said. “Collaborating with students from all programs, alumni and also various departments at IE showed me the power of working together and how a clear vision can help you achieve things you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.”

IE Campus Life finally credited the IE Global Alumni Relations department, which manages more than 80 Alumni Clubs for graduating students to keep up their commitment in contributing to the IE Community within their areas of interest.